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Unbelievable online multiplayer lap times?


Sep 16, 2008
I am trying multiplayer - after having avoided it for years - and cannot believe the times that some online racers achieve!
For example, I tried a race at Montreal a few minutes ago, and I got around 1'15.5" in qualifying. Not too bad I thought.
However, I ended up 8th out of 8, with all the top guys getting crazy, totally unrealistic laps of 1'11"!
How is it possible for this to happen? Are there cheats?

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
I don't know whether there are actual cheat and hacks, but there's certainly public players out there who will exploit the game to gain advantage, especially if they can cut the track and get away with it. Never mind all the shoving, pushing, illegal overtakes etc.

I would never play in a public lobby.

I would look into gaining friends that enjoy what I enjoy. Perhaps take part in the fun 'Club' racing here at Race Department. Or if you want something more challenging, then 'League' racing.

Cheers :)

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