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Sell Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel (load cell Ricmotech mod installed) for sale

... Sold... Thanks guys! Hi all im selling the following.
T300 servo base.
T3pa pedals (kit stronger springs brake and gas, Real feel load cell Ricmotech).
Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel 599xx Replica.

I have it sitting in the closet for a while since i upgraded to tspc/fanatec pedals combo.
want to make some money to pay the bills, out of work for a while will also to check how to arrange delivery i'm not used to sell online PM for more details.

I hope im not being ridiculous but im asking for 300eur for everything, i would be shipping from the Rep. of Ireland transfer through paypal will only send after payment friends and family or whatever way you feel more confortable with.


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Hi can you tell me the weight and size of the full box , I need to estimate the cost for shipping to france plz ;)
Hi can you tell me the weight and size of the full box , I need to estimate the cost for shipping to france plz ;)
hi i managed to fit everything in the original box with some clever ideas to keep it from braking during transportation so the measures are the same as original box the weight would be a little higher as it follows (weight is estimate)

34.8 x 47.8 x 37.6 cm ; 10 Kg
Dose it connect with ps4. Are you in uk how much for product and postage
The wheel is sold but load cell mod not recommended for consoles as most of the haves don't offer proper calibration and you might run into troubles (I stopped playing Gran turismo and went full pc racing due to this fact) there were no calibration tool at the time. Unfortunately.


Thx Thiago for this sold. everything is in really good condition the shipping was really quick and very well protected.
The wheel and pedal work perfectly ! I really enjoy it ;)