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The double sided Point System Weapon

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Emilio, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Emilio


    At some point during the dev twitch stream I heard about the point system they want to adapt for sorting out clean drivers and wreckless honey badgers (they just don't care). To me that sounded awesome and immediately i got tears of joy on my face. Then I went talking to a friend of mine about this feature and he told me that it's indeed a good idea but still the system could either be wrong (miscalculations) or exploited by unfair drivers. He made me the example of how sometimes in iRacing (which I never tried) when he was dueling against another driver ahead (slower than him), the leader would actively try to get the contact as that would cause a penalty to the point system making your ranking score go lower and possibly/eventually putting you against other low-rank rammers... or also, when you were involved in a big accident not caused by you, you'd get penalties for hitting "n" cars without being seen as "victim". For sure a preliminary satchel-action done with the point system would help a lot, but then what happens if everyone tries to exploit this system? Would you just go ahead and take your risks when surpassing/dueling or you'd just play it extremely safe? I hope that with this system racing won't become just a very fast cars parade...
  2. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    Have a listen to these guys explain a bit how Safety Rating works in iRacing, it starts at 46 minutes in:
    The reason why I linked that is because they pretty much say everything I wanted to type out, and it was a lot :p
    It basically boils down to this, you need a no-blame system that "punishes" both drivers for contact, because anything else would require too much work trying to play race steward for every race.
    If you keep running clean races, you won't be thrown down with the wreckers by having one race being wrecked for you by someone being a douchebag, it takes several races to drop that far.
    If someone keeps on being a douche, it will be them who end up in the lower tiers with the rest of the wreckers.
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  3. shardshunt


    the fact of the matter is in iracing if your behind a driver who's just a little bit slower don't overtake them unless there clean. wait for them to make a mistake there is no point winning in the rookies anyway.
  4. Bryan O'Connor

    Bryan O'Connor

    From what little i played of iRacing i liked the iRating/Safety Rating system. And like you say if they are that crap they will crash/make a mistake eventually if you follow them for a few corners/laps.

    iRacing has it's flaws but it is a brilliant MP experience for a reason - and the iRating is part of that.
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  5. Chronus


    That is good advice, one I have been following for years too. Some people just get too frustrated when being passed and either do stupid mistakes that may cost both of us the race/SR points, or deliberately wreck us.

    Eventually, even Greger Huttu makes mistakes (er...perhaps not).