TCR 500 Headlines New Bathurst International Event

A brand-new TCR specification endurance race at the legendary Mt. Panorama Circuit has been confirmed for this November 13-15th - the Bathurst TCR 500.

With TCR specification touring cars rapidly becoming a global sensation, including an impressive and well attended first season of racing 'down under' last year - the stunning Mount Panorama Circuit in New South Wales will reverberate with the sound of these exceptional cars this November, with a new, standalone 500km race for the category having been confirmed as part of the inaugural Bathurst International race weekend.

“It is exciting to confirm the date for the inaugural Bathurst International, and we are very pleased with the final outcome,” said Australian Racing Group CEO, Matt Braid.​

“There were a number of categories that we have racing that we needed to wait for, and this date represents the best chance for drivers and teams from around the world to race at the iconic Mount Panorama.
“The mid-November date gives everyone a long lead time to arrange their calendars and logistics. We know that all of the local competitors in TCR, Touring Car Masters and Trans Am are looking forward to it, and we know that many international guests will do whatever they can to try and knock them off in their own backyard.”

The new, standalone TCR 500 event will form part of an action packed weekend of racing at the historic venue, with other series featuring diverse categories such as the epic new S5000 open wheel formula cars, Trans Am2 machinery and the ever popular Australian Touring Car Masters series, forming an action packed event that is sure to quickly become a popular yearly event.

Original Source: Australian Racing Group.

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Jonny Austin

Nov 25, 2017
S5000 series at Bathurst?They are great cars but are they really safe around Bathurst.?Those cars are seriously quick.
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Oct 11, 2015
The TCR event should be good, the final 2 Bathurst 1000 races in the mid 1990s (? IRCC) were run under the 2 litre BTCC type of rules, so the factory teams and serious privateers arrived in force for the second year and the race was a great one, those 'little' cars were really quick.

As for the TransAm2 and the TCR lot, a waste of space.

The 'new' F5000 field is very thin at the present, numbers are still below 20 entries and for Bathurst (based on Sandown last year) many drivers lack the skills. The cars should be safe enough, the drivers are the problem.
Quite a way off but they will need every minute to get up to a decent standard.
Apr 11, 2018
I am all aboard this hype train. TCR has become a very exciting and popular category, and watching them at Mount Panorama will be a treat. After trying for so many years to make Macao work, Mount Panorama will feel like a drive in the park. ;)
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Oct 13, 2019
This is good news to me. I have been watching 2019 TCR Australia series on YT the last week or so. Some very entertaining racing with a lot of familiar names.