1. Andy Johns

    Nissan Altima L33 Version 01 (2012-14) v0.98 2019-10-21

    Base package and the Launch Livery so far. Will add more skins to it at a later stage Please find under All Cars
  2. Enmore Racing

    Skins Collection: AVRP Torana 1979 Pack 2.0

    This is my entire collection of AVRP Torana '79 skins. Harvey-Harrop #26 Cullen-Walker #23 Rutherford-Guthrie #17 Moss-Brabham (1978) #17 Seton-Smith #8 Rogers-Stevens #34 Leed Lemonade (Fictional car, partner of Tab Cola) Tyrrell Torana (Fictional car, inspired by Escort version) Most of the...
  3. Enmore Racing

    AVRP - Rutherford-Guthrie Torana 1977 Bathurst 2019-10-13

    Another edit of an Uncle M PNG file. Bob Morris team partner at Ron Hodgson Motors Racing. This car lasted 13 laps before retiring at Bathurst 1977. It was driven by Indy legend Johnny Rutherford.
  4. rambokim

    bathurst_fm7 camtool replay 2019-10-11

    The replay need camtool2 File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data
  5. Enmore Racing

    AVRP - Settlement Road Wreckers 78 2019-10-10

    I take very little credit for this as Uncle M left a PNG file in a skin pack, all I did was edit it. This car finished 7th at Bathurst 1978 driven by Warren Cullen and formula 2 driver, Johnnie Walker.
  6. E

    MARC Cars Australia 93 2019 1

    Not completely perfect still missing a few logos which i couldn;t find any high res pics to find out what they are, hoping to update at a later date. Obviously it’s not exactly the same car so this isn’t a perfect replica some things had to be moved or missed out unfortunately. Car Link in the file.
  7. E

    Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra GT3 Skin Pack 1.0

    My first ever skins so please dont bash me :thumbsup: Decided to make some skins for what should seriously be a real GT3 car, they aren't perfect but it's a start.12 skins 3x Blacpain Europe, 3x Bathurst 12 Hour, 3x N24 2019 and 3x IMSA. All the numbers have been checked so that there are no...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    ACC: Laguna, Bathurst, Suzuka, Kyalami and Intercontinental GT Coming Soon!

    Kunos Simulazioni have revealed the Intercontinental GT Series will be coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione in the near future. Having secured a licence agreement with the SRO Motorsport Group to bring the official simulation of the Blancpain GT Series to sim racers gaming PC's, Kunos...
  9. D

    A Desperate Man's Plea (V8 Supercars 1993 - 2002)

    If i could have a moment of your time. *ehem* I have been sim racing for about 16 years now. It has enabled me to live out some grand motorsport dreams. In this time i have become Formula One World Drivers Champion for just about every year since 1950. I have clocked over 400kph on the...
  10. manuelj3

    S397 Mercedes AMG GT3 Vodafone 12H Bathurst #888 0.98

    To install, extract the file into your rfactor2 Home Directory... Enjoy it!!!
  11. M

    Come join Me on a Epic journey of every car A-Z by Brand at Bathurst TT

    This is a series i recently started driving every car starting with Acura and doing TT at Bathurst i am currently on car #27. Please come check it out as it is only getting started Link to Playlist:
  12. enkay74

    2019 Bathurst 12 hour Aston Martin & BMW pack 1.0

    This pack contains 4 skins from the 2019 Bathurst 12 hour race. #62 R-Motorsport Aston Martin #760 R-Motorsport Aston Martin #42 Schnitzer BMW #34 Walkenhorst BMW More to come (Nissan next!), hope you enjoy...
  13. deem

    Deems Winter Track Pack 2 1.3

    NOW COMPATIBLE WITH SOL/WEATHERFX Please note - installation has changed slightly. For best results use with, Peter Boese Sol and x4fab dynamic lights shaders patch. INSTALLATION Copy the extracted 'content' folder into you main Assetto Corsa folder. If prompted to do so, select ‘Replace...
  14. G

    AVRP Valiant Charger Bathurst 3 skin Pack 2018-09-09

    AVRP Valiant Charger Bathurst 3 skin Pack
  15. G

    AVRP Monaro 68 10 skin pack 2.0

    Version 2.0 update 11/10/18 AVRP Massive Monaro 68 10 skin pack ! 6 based on real race liveries 4 fantasy grid fillers . includes tyre lettering , headlights , black steering wheel, Skins are for the Australian Vintage Race Pack mod v1.1 by uncle m if you have the older version 3 pack skins...
  16. G

    AVRP 77 Torana 5 skin Pack 2018-08-12

    AVRP 77 Torana 5 skin Pack for use with the Australian Vintage Race Pack mod by Uncle M
  17. yam_ia

    bathurst TV cameras 1.00

    bathurst12h 2018ver. tracks :
  18. Shadowoff

    2014 12h Bathurst Maranello Motorsport #88 1.2

    Heyy, here is the Bathurst 12 hour winner from 2014 :) Many thanks to @Baron3105 for helping me with the numberplate and tires ;)
  19. Noobiix007

    KS AMG GT3 Bathurst 12h 2018 Pack 1.0

    Liveries for Kunos Mercedes AMG GT3 Strakka #55A and 56A running the Bathurst 12hrs 2018 race. Done using @bm91 skin, kudos to him.
  20. nsss

    KS R8 LMS 2016 - Bathurst 12h 2018 Pack v1.5

    Liveries for Kunos Audi R8 LMS 2016 Jamec Pem #22, #74 and WRT #37, #39 - Bathurst 12h 2018 Update v1.5: International Motorsport #82 2k and 4k :) If you find some mistakes let me know.:)
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