TC-65 - Mini vs Mustang @ AF-GTL1 - Tue 9th March 2010

Tom Wilson

Jul 25, 2009
What an excellent event - first thing to say is a big thanks to Carlos for setting it up, a great combo of track and cars.

Race One - I lead for the whole damn race and then spin on the last lap, what more can I say........finished 3rd.

Race Two - The Mini was a hoot, really fun around this track. I had great battles all through the field. I spend the mid section of the race closing in on Warren, Amir and Steven. When I did get close, Steven fell off the track and then I was up behind Warren and Amir. Coming out of the tight last turn we find Stu recovering from a spin. This bunches us up a bit and at turn one I try to go around the outside of Warren...and failed....but Amir runs really wide and Warren spies a very Mini gap and slides through, in my haste to follow I charged at the ever decreasing gap and by the time I decided it wasn't going to happen I didn't have time to stop.

Amazingly I tagged Amir's Mustang and manged to flip it over with my mighty mini. By the time he is back on 4 wheels Steven has caught up again and we run to the end in a night tight battle.

Altogether a great evening, again thank you to Carlos and RD.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
Well, first time in a long time when I was just a punter in a GTL event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some cracking stuff with Bob, Warren and others through the 2 races there.

Thanks Carlos. :thumbup:

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
woooow great great races. this is how racing should be, fair and great fights all race long
I know Steve alluded to it on TS, but that is pretty much how us GTL gentlemen roll all the time.

I think sometimes it takes someone newer to the GTL club like yourself Bjorn to remind us how good we have it in our old bangers.

We sometimes get spoiled and take the racing quality we have for granted, so it's good to get a reminder every so often. :biggrin:
Jan 18, 2009
Wow, that was a great event!

I turned up early today to get some practice in as I've never heard of this track before. Turned out to be a great little circuit and I had lots of fun all night.

Race 1: As the the countdown started my headphones had already faded, only a small whisper from some V8s:) Had some really fun laps chasing Tom, but I was a little handicapped soundwise so I did some mistakes. Later in the race there was a bit of lagging and I crashed Tom at the first hairpin. Really sorry again Tom, hope I didn't mess up your race. The other cars was also flickering so I parked on the grass until it stopped. I continued for a little while but retired early to hook up my Tivoli to my computer:D

Race 2: With a great fat V8 symphony filling the room the stage was set for some arm wrestling with the Stang. This car has given me much fun before and tonight was no different. Had some epic cornering, especially T2 where turn-in oversteer lead to a perfect slide, gently kissing the kerb on exit. And those hairpins:rolleyes: The right hander leading to the first one was lovely, drifting gently to end up parallel to the left kerb entering the hairpin and then lighting up the rear tires mid corner:love: The last hairpin was much trickier and I lost almost 1s everytime I messed it up. But when it all clicked my front left tire was stroking the kerb and the rear wheels were on fire, eventually catapulting the Stang down to the last righthander before thundering down the straight.

It couldn't go much better than this Carlos, thanks for a great event!

Bob Hutchins

May 21, 2008
Wow, now I have had time to get a cuppa and a cigi, what a nights racing. First things first as I have to congratulate Carlos on his maiden race night, nice job mate. Great track/car combo which made for awsome racing.

Race 1: Mustang, after the restart got away well and settled into the race. About half way though I saw Stu was now behind me and gaining lap on lap. As the race drew to the finish I came up to Steve and thought if I keep pushing I might just get him. Now Stu had a different idea to mine as he slowly closed the gap until a few laps until the end he just nudged me going into a corner and my chase on Steve was over. Now Stu waited for me like the gentleman his is but as I had to do a 3 point turn on the grass verge it took a bit of time to get back on track. As we set off again I made a braking error going into the last turn and the penultimate lap and lost a couple of place before crossing the line.

Race 2: Mini, after a cagy start as Warren was a little slow of the line I found a huge yank tank of Amir bulling his way though the middle of me, Steve & Warren. A couple of corner later Warren was duking out with Amir and they touched which gave me the opportunity to sneek thought the gap they left. Now upto 3rd and the chase was on to catch Stu. As the laps went down I was slowly drawing in Stu and looking forward to the comencing battle. Then just when it was about to start Stu throw it off the track and I was now left somewhat disappointed that I gained his position without the fight I was so looking forward too. This now left me chasing Knut but he was just to quick so I just did what I could and brought it home.

It was a really grt nights racing tonight guys and the fun factor was a 10/10.

Thanks to Carlos for setting up a really grt event, RD for bring us all together and a big thanks goes out to all the guys racing tonight, you where all just brilliant.

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
OK after a weekend fighting with Windows 7 and GPL I finely get it to work a round 21.30 this evening ,getting on the server with the Stang but that did not work (wrong Skin?) bag with the Mini and that was working,pfffffffff.( O and put up the new track)

Put my solution in the Windows 7 tread.

The race was not that important for me did no training only some laps before the race and maybe 6 or 7 laps in Quali, sorry Carlos complete forgot the 1 lap Q:redface:

But from the reactions of the guys it was a great race event again , so I have to put a feather some ware Carlos
good job,thanks

Philip Brown

Sep 28, 2009
Great night, well done Carlos and RD, (I did not install the cam files either)

Race 1 First lap was like a mine field, carnage everywhere, with my little mini dodging left and right around the smoking hulks. I watched the position indicator on my HUD start counting down and presto, I crossed the start/finish line in first place after one lap!! ... kept the pedal down, imagining the antagonists would quickly re-group to mount a challenge, when all of a sudden the race is called off! ...nice

Race 2 to start on pole, but the Stangs overhauled me by turn one, no problem, the mini was fun and stable, unfortunately, a couple of laps later ended up in the tire wall just before the bridge, must have hit the pit-lane speed limiter in my excitement to select reverse, spent half a lap trying to figure out what the problem was...arrrg

Race 3 Really enjoyed the Stang, sounded great, and the rear end was a lot more hooked up than I remember! Lots of good racing tonight, thanks gents, see you all at Lime Rock!

Thanks again Carlos...looks like you' ve got the job!

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Another action packed event with the GTL crowd, it delivered fun as usual Carlos, so you get to keep the job until next week at least. :wink: Top little track too, never seen it before.

Don't really know what happened with race 1 (the first start), seemed to be cars weaving all over the track, resulting in lots of messes, so a good decision to restart I think.

Race 1 (Restart): Mustang:
Started P6 after the "raffle", not bad. Amazingly for me, I started well and had P3 by turn 1, behind Tom and Knut. The first half a dozen laps were hilarious, as Knut's Mini seemed to be on an elastic band between Tom and my Mustangs. He would be all over Tom's tail in the tight stuff, and then drop back in front of me in the straighter bits. :biggrin: About mid race, the three of us starting bunching up, and then, sadly, Knut went into the wall. Tom and I were later joined by Avi's Stang, but he tagged my rear into the hairpin sending me into the wall. Now Amir had sneaked past, but I just outdragged him along the straight, and that started a typical Mini vs Mustang battle, we have seen these before, the Mini very quick and nimble but can't find room around the wide Mustang, only to see the Stang power prevail in the straights. While I struggled to hold Amir at bay, we passed Tom against a wall, so I just managed to hold on for the win.
Well done to Amir and Tom for the podium.

Race 2: Mini: My favourite little car this time, but it took ages to get used to it after the Mustang, the two cars are sooooo different.
Qualified P3, but as usual, bogged it down off the line. Tapped Amir under brakes into turn 3 (still wasn't used to the braking differences), so backed off and dropped to P5. This time it was Amir's turn for revenge from Race 1, using the width and power of the Mustang to hold off the Mini, but Steven and I ganged up and nipped at his heals for many laps. Eventually Steven made a passing attempt but came out badly and went off track, leaving me to continue the "hunt", but Amir was giving me plenty of my own medicine ( no doubt remembering Race 1 :wink: ). Later, Stuart made a boo boo and dropped back into our clutches, just as Tom joined the fierce scrap. Amir finally went wide exiting turn 1 giving me a sniff, so I ducked inside in the next tight turn, but Tom tried to follow as the gap closed, hitting Amir and almost flipping him over the fence. :eek: . I then spent the rest of the race harrassing Stuart's Stang, but he didn't leave any gaps.
Grats to Knut, and well done to Bob and Stu.

Great fun again, you certainly can't beat the atmosphere and spirit of the GTL events.
One down, lots ahead Carlos, looking forward to more of your events.

Carlos Diaz

Happily driving a "girly" car
Sep 16, 2009
Thanks Bjorn, I try to be as clean as a road-block can be lol. Same goes for you buddy, nice, clean racing.

Wow, I was hoping to just be able to get away with not disappointing you guys. I never expected this much of a good response. I am really glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. But I hope you don't use this event as a measuring stick, cuz it's sometimes a hit or miss thing with these events. Today was definitely a hit lol. But please keep in mind that I am still new at this in the case of any misses lol!

I want to thank you all for the awesome race reports and your enthusiasm for GTL and the our racing club. Without you guys this place would be a ghost town and GTL would be a thing of the past here at RD. I want you to know that your participation is never taken for granted.

Also, we have to thank Thommo for keeping the standards high. I would not have been inclined to try as hard I did (and will) if it wasn't for the amount of time and effort that I see him invest in GTL, both the club and league. The guy is an inspiration.