TC-65 Lotus Cortina Vs Alfa Romeo @ Zolder Tue 20th Aug 2013

Any idea why I can't map the buttons on the G27 wheel? I can map them on the shifter but not the buttons mounted on the wheel?
Try this solution: (also includes a led fix)

or use an utility like Joy2Key ( whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will convert the joystick input into keyboard strokes or mouse movements so that the target application works as if you used a real keyboard or mouse):
Nice races tonight. I showed up totally unprepared, not having a single lap of practice for the race. Luckily I had a Lotus Cortina setup from a previous race, and as we've had so many races in Zolder lately, the track was familiar. I showed up late, and during practice I had only time to make 2 laps before we jumped to qualification. I think I was 4th overall, and after a not so brilliant start I was able to pass 2 or 3 cars ahead of me and go after Rupe and Lars, who were 1st and second. Rupe kept his position until the end of the race, and Lars was lapping slightly faster than me until the middle of the race, but suddenly the gap between me and him started shredding and I was able to pass him in the chicane in the 12th lap, and keep my second position behind Rupe, unreachable at that time.
The second race went better. The Alfa is my favorite car in GTL, and despite not having a Zolder setup, after a while I had the car feeling good on the track. Quick look at xD to calculate the fuel for race, and qualification here we go! I qualified 2nd behind Lars, but with a very close time, and Rupe got his third position last second - I was watching in monitor and thinking he wouldn't have time to finish his fast lap, but as soon as he crossed the start-finish line, the server changed to race.
Again, my start wasn't brilliant, and I got passed by Lars, followed by Rupe and I think Peter van Zanten. After a while I managed to pass Peter and started to close the 5 seconds gap to Rupe and Lars, who were loosing time to me because they were fighting in close racing. And suddenly something happened between them, they slowed down, and I passed them both exiting the chicane, assuming the first position which I kept until the end of the race. I had to hold them both for a while though, and Rupe even did an excellent overtake out braking me in the inside at T1, but I was counting on it and was able to re-pass him inside on exit. Overall, two great races and a good night of fun! :)

Jack Smith

Any idea why I can't map the buttons on the G27 wheel? I can map them on the shifter but not the buttons mounted on the wheel?
Justin what I did was I opened the Logitech Profiler and searched through the "Help" section, in Contents, in How to, in Customize a Game Profile, in Adding and Removing
Commands and followed the instructions shown on the right. I had to map keyboard keys to the red buttons on my G27 wheel.

Play around with it a bit to get them saved, recorded to your profile. the profiler must be running when the game is running in order for the buttons to work

A quick way to get to the same place is to left click on Edit in the top of the Logitech Profiler... select Assignments....Keystrokes....Commands areas.
I hope this helps.

Rupe Wilson

a couple of questions asked on tspeak tonight form the new guys
this is were the info is
(Car&tracks unlock) we all use this one
(XD motec) very handy bit of kit
FFB GUIDE : and ( how ffb works)
Pit stop hints How to make a manual pitstop.. have full controll of your car after the race
Really important for our endurance races

Replays dated - this stops the last session being overwritten but fills up the replay folder more quickly
GTL extra controls

GTL tool keep track of your lap times (External laptime viewer and statistic tool for GTL & GTR2)

all taken from HERE
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Rupe Wilson

As you can see we are a big friendly bunch of guys,
good banter on t/speak and a great way to spend a bit of time on a pc.
Great welcome for the new guys hope you all had fun, After you got used to the starts.

I had great fun again, got a good start in race 1 and the whole race was waiting to be caught, it got close at times with Lars but i was able to maintain the gap and push a bit (but i was on my limit). i made a couple of errors and the gap would drop a bit but i managed to hold it together for the win.

Race 2 was a different story, the lap times were real close around the 2 mins mark. It looked real good when you looked at the times in practice,
You could say that having the track for a number events is really paying off now. we use the same class of cars so we are now seeing that learning the track and getting used to it is really helping in the consistency and speed, far more that what a set up can achieve (although it does help).

Got a good start into turn 1 following Lars with the pack close behind,
after a couple of laps the field was just spreading out nicely to allow for some pressure to be placed on the driver in front. we had a number of drivers also close enough to take advantage of any slip ups,
which they did,
The racing was real fair and clean were i was, nothing silly, we had a few great overtakes, as we battled for position. the doors were not slammed shut if the had a run and racing room was given.
I made a mess of the tight s's and saw Antonio and Lars come through the gap, no need to try and move over to stop there run, id made the mistake, and i set off after them.
Lars had a moment which left me and Antonio at the front, He is quick in the Alfa and i had to work had to catch him, to hard in fact as i spun in the end trying to keep up... So off into the distance he drove, i had them 3 or 4 laps with Lars hot on my heals, after his great recovery drive from about 6th to nearly catch me at the end..
All in a good night fun with good clean racing..
roll on Thursday...
Big V8 mustang power....vs little ford escort 1300 (but it goes like stink)
put these to together on Mid Ohio a track with a couple of straight for the V8 to dominate and then the twisty bits for the ford to show its stuff.
You should find the default setup on the Escort is very good.
and the big V8 well that's down to breaking early and then how much you dare give it with the right boot.
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I'm going to summarise last night for me in pretty much one sentence.

Two weeks ago when driving the Cortina at Zolder, my best lap time in the race was 2:02.354. Last night my best lap time was 1:59.096.
Actually, before last night, I had never gone under 2 minutes on the track with the Cortina but did it 4 times last night. 3 in the race and also with quali

Race 1: started third but too many mistakes. Spent the second half of the race swapping positions with Tony. One spin after the over :) Dont mind the Alfa but I was all over the place and wasnt thinking.

Race 2: started sixth and finished fifth. Was a bit scrappy but managed to hold it most of the way and finished fifth.

Rupe Wilson

I know i spelt your name wrong....:redface: (again) and forgot my Capitals
But at least you got to drive the Cortina ... i mean Alfa in the race.:D
in my defence which i have none....
looking after the guys on the server checking in on the forum and updating it, drinking coffee smoking fags, and getting in a couple of practice laps in before qually...
i was rushing a bit...

I promise to slow down and make a better effort...

or as some would say...

ill get my Coat......:roflmao:
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