T3PA vs. CSL ELite

I just recently got a t300rs with the standard pedals and i've realized how bad they are. The T3PA and the CSL elite pedals (without load cell) are around the same price. Wondering what everyone's thoughts on which one is better.


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I kept the standard pedals of the T300rs for a while, then switched to the CSL elite with LC. I would recommend getting the Elite, as you could always buy the LC alone later, and that will be a great update! I took me a few weeks to get use to the load cell, but I instantly gained a much better control just with the accelerator! Much more progressive and precise, both accelerating or decelerating. My guess would be that you will already have a better feel without the LC.

I never tried the T3PA: I can't tell how they compare to the Elite; hopefully someone here will be able to tell you. :) But you can't upgrade them to a load cell later, at least not from Thrustmaster... That would dictate my choice. Because in the end, you get a much better feel and braking with the LC...

That said: getting better pedals is a nice move and will complement well your wheel! :thumbsup:
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I recently upgraded from T3PA Pro's, which I had modded with different springs and a BBJ brake mod, to the CSL elites with loadcell and the difference is night and day. CSLs are built better, way more progressive, spacing can be adjusted etc. I'm might not be much quicker but I'm putting in much more consistant laptimes.

As already mentioned you can always add the loadcell brake later, keep an eye on eBay too as brand new Elites come up now and again for a bargain. Must be people getting them in a bundle but buying the CSP V3 seperately.
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At a local "Saturn" in Hamburg city I could try both pedal sets.
Last year there was an F1 2017 rig with a playseat, t300rs and the t3pa with the rubber cone mod.
Was a nice drive for sure but the pedals were kinda... Small!
This year there was another rig with F1 2018, csl elite and the loadcell pedals.
Wow that was a different level!
The wheel was just a little stronger, not much of a difference.. Badly set up anyway!

But the loadcell... Damn that was awesome! I jumped in and although I was wearing my kinda thick Nike sneakers I could drive really well.
Throttle was nicely manageable with a good resistance and the loadcell was just awesome after a few laps. Weird at the beginning but I could hit the limit under braking very well after a short time. The difference between locking tires and not locking tires was a tiny difference of pressure without moving my foot at all.

And that's what a loadcell is about! Much more control and also better consistency.
Went back home to my modded g27 pedals (sponge screwed into the spring) and it was a clear difference. With the logitech pedals I have to move my foot instead of just alternate the pressure.

My 2 cents about it. If you can afford it just grab the elite loadcell bundle. Won't regret it! :)
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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
I have a set of V2's sat here. There was a problem with the PCB and I got fed up, so I splashed the cash on a set of the last ever batch of HE Pro's.

I've since bought a new PCB from Fanatec, but they charged £15 or 15 Euro (don't remember but I have the electronic receipt) for postage. So whilst I was there, I bought a new sensor for the gas pedal and one for the clutch (10 euro each I think). I also bought a replacement LC from an RD seller, which I still have somewhere.

So, I have a decent set of Clubsport V2 pedals, with new electronic, that should give trouble free sim racing for some time to come. I keep meaning to sell them on Ebay, but haven't got round to it. Would be nice if they went to somebody from RD.

PM me if you wanna make a reasonable offer. :)
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