1. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Tech Review | VPG Elemento First Impressions

    I’ve been fortunate enough to lay my hands on the upcoming Elemento high-end sim racing wheel from the team at VPG – and despite its pre-production status, the signs all point to this being a spectacular piece of hardware. Standalone USB racing wheel. Compatible with all quick release systems...
  2. capitan_penurias

    Fanatec Static Paddles (DIY)

    Hello ! I build a complete static paddles for Fanatec wheelbases, including the electronics needed to connect the paddles to the SHIFTER2 port. The main advantage of this project is that you can design your own sequential shifter and plug it into the base directly, avoiding using a...
  3. G-Slev

    Brake Calibration Question

    Could anyone give me some advice on calibrating the brake on my clubsport v3s? I was previously setting the minimum for all three pedals, then pushing the brake as hard as a could and setting the max. However, some kind folk here pointed out when I was posting a hotlap video that I wasn't...
  4. sonoftrollguy

    stuck at 35-40 fps, even with minimized graphics

    I have a 10th gen core i5 processor but i don't know what's happening. I even turned off a lot of custom shader patch's features and minimized the world details. I only play on low grahpic mod maps with very little things but still I have bad fps. By the way when I look back the framrate goes up...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    First Look | GT Omega PRIME Aluminium Profile Cockpit

    GT Omega Racing have just announced their brand-new aluminium profile sim racing cockpit, and ahead of the public release next month we got hold of the new rig to share with you our thoughts. GT Omega PRIME releases December 14th. The first aluminium cockpit from GT Omega. Retail price £569.95...
  6. G-Slev

    Opinions please on GT vs Formula Rims

    What it says in the title really. I am saving up for a new wheelbase and rim having bought some V3 pedals a few months back. I am going to go fanatec. I currently have a G29. I mostly drive in AC, ACC and RF2 - a mixture of endurance racing with some historic stuff and occasional formula...
  7. K

    Sell Thrustmaster TS-PC base with custom wheels and quick release system

    $800 Shipped to continental US Gently used Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel base equipped with full functional quick release system and 5 additional wheels Equipped with a custom quick release system which is much easier and faster than traditional Thrustmaster mounting system. Works like a...
  8. JCarlisle

    Logitech G920 prices

    hi. I have recently been thinking about getting into sim racing and have been looking at equipment. I have been looking at Logitech G920 but prices seem to be extremely high for a used system at the moment. I am just wondering what a normal second hand price I would normally expect to pay on a...
  9. A

    AC on Surface Book 2

    I want to play AC on my Surface Book 2 however I am not sure if it will be enjoyable due to low FPS. SB2 has: 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8650U quad-core processor, 4.2GHz Max Turbo NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 discrete GPU w/6GB GDDR5 graphics memory Is this a good enough setup to play with 10-20 AI...
  10. Ghiaman1334

    Laptop Keyboard not working

    Hi guys, Got quite the major issue... the keyboard on my laptop has stopped working. The keys do not type. Some shortcuts work, like Ctrl-Alt-Del, and the Windows key works, otherwise I'm getting no response. Oddly enough they work in notepad but I can't rely on notepad for everything lol Can...
  11. RaceDepartment

    Read This First The Future of Product Promotion on RaceDepartment Forums

    The RaceDepartment Forums have a new account upgrade available! We now offer the option to boost your business with commercial posts on the largest Sim Racing Hardware forum on the web. Upgrading your account to Authorized Vendor allows you to create and sticky a commercial thread in the heart...
  12. AaronF80

    SFX-100 Build: AaronF80

    I am starting down the road of building out my sim rig, and have closely followed the SFX mega-thread here in preparation. There have been several suggestions at a complete build thread start to finish from other readers, and as I needed a place to keep things organized as I go, I am going to...
  13. M

    Can EMI cause random button presses/inputs?

    I'm using a Fanatec DD2 with a McLaren GT3 rim. Recently in F1 2019 the MFD panel will randomly start cycling through screens - making wing adjustments and changing tyre selections. In Assetto Corsa Competizione my brake balance can randomly change. All of these unwanted inputs seem to be...
  14. Kenneth Jurmann

    Is there an general FFB Tool/App

    Hey everyone, sim-wheels often don't come with linear ffb. Some are more "responsive" others are not very "accurate" with their linearity. For years now, we are stuck with what the sim-dev would give us to correct those inaccuracies or design-choices. Some devs give us more values to change...
  15. M

    Problems with my csl elite wheel for ps4

    I have been having problems with my csl elite wheel for ps4 (I use it only on pc though). Basically what happens is when I have the wheel at centre then turn it I can turn further left before I reach soft lock than right. So if I turn the wheel left it will turn for one full rotation before...
  16. Vince #7

    Sim Racing PC dedicated Build Questions

    Greetings racers I have a 700 to 900 euros budget to build a pc dedicated for mostly sim racing and some other not very heavy games. My pc hardware knwolege is basic to none and im here basically asking for help about some tips for my new pc... what should i spend more money on and what are...
  17. K

    Simfai superquadro wheel

    Simfai superquadro v1 for sale RRP 1000 USD from simfais website. Very high end wheel based on a 911 cup car, comes magnetic paddle shifters working screen and all buttons work etc. currently mounted on a g27 base but only the rim is for sale, will include the base for extra. Message me with offers.
  18. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY Corvette C7.R GTE style steering wheel (Complete)

    Hi guys. After building Coswroth MK2 (LMP2) steering wheel, I received an order to make Corvette C7.R GTE style steering wheel. And I want to share my work before sending it all the way to Australia. As per usual, here are some pictures of the completed wheel rim. The rim consists of two main...
  19. T

    First step into racing/buying advice

    I just started thinking about getting into the sim racing (not actual simulation, just for fun). I first played a racing game with a steering wheel at my friend and it was awesome. I have some basic knowledge about electronics and some programming so i thought of making a DIY wheel, pedals and...
  20. C

    T3PA vs. CSL ELite

    I just recently got a t300rs with the standard pedals and i've realized how bad they are. The T3PA and the CSL elite pedals (without load cell) are around the same price. Wondering what everyone's thoughts on which one is better.