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  1. T

    Assetto Corsa CarTimesApp

    This is just a simple app I made, to compare the best lap times for 2 selected vehicles. It reads the "personalbest.ini" from "Documents\Assetto Corsa" and the "contents" folder form the Assetto Corsa installation folder (specifically the data in "cars" and "tracks" folders, mainly the...
  2. BP

    GT3 Showdown: What's your favourite? (reddit survey and reviews included)

    Found this on the ACRL's Reddit page here, just reposting it here as I think it would be of great benefit to the RD community (plus archiving it on another site is never a bad thing). It's a pretty accurate assessment (based on my not-so-expert testing) of the GT3 class in AC and may help others...
  3. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison (Updated)

    This is a comparison of different Satsuma parts and how much they effect performance. The set ups are in the following order: Stock Stock+ (Steel Headers, Racing Flywheel, Racing Exhaust & Muffler) Twin Carburettor Race Carburettor To compare the horsepower and torque I'll be using Roman266's...
  4. C

    T3PA vs. CSL ELite

    I just recently got a t300rs with the standard pedals and i've realized how bad they are. The T3PA and the CSL elite pedals (without load cell) are around the same price. Wondering what everyone's thoughts on which one is better.
  5. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison

    Updated thread here