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Streaming Capture overlays in VR?

Feb 21, 2018
Hey everyone.. been an iracer for years.. streamed with no problem at all.. kapps, simracingapps, etc... but now that Ive tried ACC and the hassle and performance while streaming.. its set me off a little. I cannot seem to capture the overlay while racing with SLOBS/OBS... I can capture the oculus mirror or the steamvr mirror.. but OMG the frames are garbage and you can even race let alone watch. Im running an i9 9900k with a 2080ti... Please tell me Im not the only one with this issue.. LOL So if any of you are streamers using VR, could you please explain your setup/settings and any methods used to bring all the information to the viewers as such iraicng does? Thank you

Bumble B

Aug 24, 2018
Its just the HUD overlays are not rendered on the monitor when in VR mode where you'd capture to stream. I use SimHub to put data on the screen for my viewers to see though OBS. Can customise it to be iin line with your stream etc

A link to one of my past broadcasts that i reedited to add the TV broadcasts view when i uploaded to youtube so ignore that bit but you can see the car stats (under the tv broadcast video) and race times & map all updated in real time (thats a live stream using simhub)

Link to SimHub
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