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Stint Calculator (Google Sheets)


is there a way to implement stint timer?
so if you only have a 65min stint timer, it automatically adjusts the fuel etc?
i wanted to do it myself but i am absolute useless in excel
otherwise a great tool
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is there a way to implement stint timer?
By this are you referring to a driving time limit?
It shouldn't be hard to implement. For the moment you can limit the tank size just to cover the stint limit. To find the right amount of tank size you can set the race length to the stint limit (ex. 65min) and it should suggest the starting fuel needed in a cyan box into the fuel label.
Still seems broken... # laps looks ok but fuel is still short.

Maybe broken again?

Screenshot 2021-06-17 134852.png
Fuel is correct. 1.29L/lap * 53laps = 68.4L
Starting with 47L, then adding 8L + 8L + 8L = 71L

edit: I believe the "Tank Size" is misleading. I think I'm gonna change it to "Starting Fuel".
It has starting fuel as 19L. The tank size is 47L and is an input.
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It has starting fuel as 19L. The tank size is 47L and is an input.
Yes, it's misleading. I never manage to make the whole tank size / starting fuel thing clear to everyone. The cyan box is supposed to SUGGESTS a different amount of starting fuel than the full tank, but I admit it's not well understandable.
I've updated the UI in such a way that the Tank Size cell now automatically changes text into Starting Fuel if needed. I believe I fixed the confusion that could happen in certain situations, when the algoritm suggested to not start on full tank.

starting fuel.PNG