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Steering wheel rotation settings for non 900 degree wheels


Sorry I know this has been covered by guides on here but I just need to confirm something to try and make my life easier in this great sim.

I own a Thrustmaster F1 wheel and pedals. It has a rotation angle of 240 degrees.

Because it won't do the full 900 degrees like more modern wheels I just can't get used to the "move 10 degrees on wheel, move 40 degrees on screen!" Haha. It's kind of ruining my enjoyment of the sim, and I'm having a hard time even just turning into corners smoothly.

Is the best way round this, turning the degree of rotation in settings up to maximum, or is there some sneaky way of editing an ini file somewhere?

Yes I would love to purchase a new wheel but I'm currently racing on a modded family pc and saving for a full on pc setup. One step at a time......
240º in controls page under steering axis, then in video options - view, set 120º virtual steering (half of the physical wheel, so number of degrees for each side movement).