STCC class not showing



In the online server window the STCC class doesn't show (it shows as unknown, all other classes show including Camero) and when i click

to join it says 'server is running an updated or modified version' anyone help with this ?


Race07-GTR Evo (expansion)-STCC (expansion).

Starting either .exe (Evo or STCC) the STCC shows as unknown in the classes yet the camero shows and other Race/Evo classes i can

join them.


I tried deleting STCC local content steam, which also deleted GTR Evo:( so had to download the two add-ons again, installed but made

no difference. I then backed-up Race07, GTR Evo and STCC via steam, removed local content via steam and deleted Race07 folder from

steamapps, rebooted and installed from back-up and everything is working as per normal again...finally get to race again :)

Darren Gardner

I have the same problem, if i delete that race 07 folder would i lose that game and i need major help showing as unknown online aswell????


I didn't find a work around Darren, i used steam to bacK-up the 3 games (Race07/GTR Evo/STCC) deleted local content in steam

(right click on Race07) and i also deleted the Race07 folder within the steam install directory. Its a complete reinstall with added

skins/tracks etc lost but you won't have to download anything as its all backed up to hard drive, drastic i know but only thing that sorted

it for me...
Sep 14, 2008
OHHH i have the same problem . I can only see camaro servers but no STCC
I ve try to delete SCC Demo,but no succes and I am not able to see the STCC Demo in Steam Interface ,cant download Demo again .????
Help please