Startup issues

After seeing the awesome videos of this league, I figured I should give the FSR mod a go. I am having some problems with actually getting the game to start up, though.

As recommended by Dennis in the Mod download thread, I have created a fresh install of rFactor, but rather than download the entire installer over again I have just copied the relevant folders, .exes and .dlls to a new folder on my hard drive. I followed the instructions and installed the mod to this new destination. However, when I click on the rFactor.exe file in the FSR2010 folder, the initial loading picture flashes on the screen and then disappears; nothing happens after that.

Am I launching the game the wrong way, or does it have something to do with the way I have created a fresh install?

Ivo Simons

Why did you copy your Exe files over?
If you do a new install you already get a new exe.
If you want to keep your personal settings just copy the Userdata folder over to the new one thats it. :)
I know that I get a new exe, Ivo. I just copied them all over because my download speeds are horrible, and I wanted to avoid downloading the installer again. I copied my UserData folder into the new destination as well. Theoretically I should be fine, right?

Ivo Simons

Dont know maybe it can cause conflicts. Or there is something wrong when you installed Simsync
But rFactor Lite is not that big. Just 100 mb i thought. :)
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