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Standardisation/Clarification of mod installations

I recently installed the RSR Formula 3 car, along with the 2k skinpack for it (integrated graphics go brr) and put unpacked it in the Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks folder and then took out the actual car folder from that but it turns out I was supposed to put it in Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa. The way I found that out is via looking in the comments of the mod. Most people that don't use Content Manager (this includes me and I have no intention to start using it), prefer a single installation folder. When it comes to major mods like the RSR Formula 3 car and the RSS Formula cars, it is necessary to put them in the main assettocorsa folder and that is unlikely to change.

This is why I am proposing an easier way to install mods. This is incredibly easy to implement for all mods, track car or app. This is to put one simple sentence at the top of the description explaining the installation. This is for Content Manager and Vanilla AC.


The James May of Simracing
Stuff goes into the content folder.

Cars go into content\cars.
Skins go into content\cars\[car name]\skins.
Tracks go into content\tracks.

Have a look at the folder structure like people have managed to do for seven years since release. It's not rocket surgery.
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