Squash ball mod for MOMO Racing brake pedal


Last weekend in the 'vette cup I had problems with braking. It was very hard to find the edge of grip. Sometimes too low sometimes too much brake applied. Result was missed braking distances or locking and overheating front wheels.
So I decided to try this squash ball mod, and bought yesterday a ball (red dot if it has any importance). I wonder if anyone has experience in "installing" the the ball to the MOMO Racing pedal (what location, how to fix the position) and calibrating in the logitech profiler and in-game (GTR Evo).
Thanks for any help in advance...

Dennis Phelan

I used one in my first DFGT but didn't like the way it was changing the calibration at times.

Most recently, preparing for the enduro at Nordschleife I added a "dead pedal" to the left side of my pedals. I do left foot brake and I could see in practice that my leg was going to fall off if I just kept holding it above the pedal all the time. It's amazing how much I use it now!

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First I decided I will wait for the answer of a driver who is using this. But was too curious I had to try it. I didn't know what to expect from this change, was prepared for a lot of tweaking. But I never imagined this will be soooo simple. A simply put the squash ball into the hole behind the brake pedal, and gave it a try. Wow the ball fits perfectly under the arm of the pedal. No "deadzone". And it feels really good, very-very similar like my real car, maybe a little bit harder.
My concern was if there will be problem with the brake travel. Let's see. Everything remains the default setting. Entered the game (GTR Evo), Control settings -> Advanced. Brake test: 100% travel can be used and it hardens up right at the last percents. It's just perfect. :bang:
Test run: C5R on Algarve. Downhill braking from high speed two times in a lap. Earlier it was always a worry needed high level of concentration. Now? Piece of cake, perfetly adjustable braking force.:banana:
Only problem to solve is keeping the pedal set on the ground...:wink:
The pedals are right at the backend of the housing, so when pushing hard the front end elevates. So for now I need to keep in mind to hold my other feet always on the pedaél set. Till I find a solution for this without breaking the warranty...

So to anyone who has a MOMO Racing pedal paired with heavy foot: Buy a soft squash ball ( 3 EUR ) put it into the brake pedal hole, and have fun...:D
I have finally implemented a squash ball (blue dot) too and I have to admit the feeling is now just perfect!!!
Thank you very much for this great idea! It gives my old MOMO a second life and I'm very happy about it since it's a very good wheel!:thumbup:
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