EU Social Event: Mazda MX-5 Cup @ Spa Franchorchamps - Wed 29Aug18


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Feb 14, 2015
Edit - sorry just realised I won't make this
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Jul 18, 2012
did the server crash?
I got sent back to the main menu after the start of the 3rd lap
Guess not as I can still hear everyone racing.
Sorry to whoever came across my nose and spunout on the first lap.
So far 1 for 3 this week in completing a race in mp without any tech issues :(

EDIT: I just did a file integrity check and 2 files were missing so hopefully this will solve the issues ive been having.
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Oct 2, 2017
Was first in practice, then 4th in qualifying so I was in good spirits heading into the race.. The race started well and I got up to second on the first corner. Then on the long straight after Eau Rouge I realised I still had qualifying fuel in.... So into the pits on the first lap of the race which put me down to 14th, then had to work hard to get back upto 7th by the end of the race.

Cheers for all the clean battles as I fought my back through, and I'll definitely be back for more. Just kicking myself a little right now...

- Dan


Apr 10, 2016
Great racin' with y'all! There were a couple really interesting moments ... I almost dropped my beer!:roflmao:

Had a thought ... is there any chance the fast boys could leave a copy of their setup for the slower guys?

EDIT: What would you think of putting that as a request on the sign-up sheet? Might be a way to increase discussions on these threads.

anyoldways, Thanks for a great afternoon.
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