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Skippy VS Clio @ Sebring - Fri 7th March

Thanks for an awesome evening's racing, guys :D

I've seen people complain all over the place about the Skippy's handling. To some extent, I agree. It's a badly behaved little fleabag. And what's worse in my eyes is it wears this on the outside proudly! It's like when you try to criticize someone, they smile, say "yeah you're probably right", and do nothing about it. It just flaunts its instability like a selling point.

Needless to say, that made it clear from the start to me that there's a lot to be gained in this car by just keeping it straight and steady. That served me well in race 1. Race 2 I aimed to do the same, but did have a few accidents. Including a spin on lap one that sent me from first to last! Watching the timing screen showed just how much damage was done by the long slides when they happened, but ultimately I managed to keep it together well enough at least. :)

I had a lot of fun racing with you guys tonight. Hoping to get into the habit of doing this more often. :D Thanks for an enjoyable evening everyone, and thank you Gijs for putting this together.