Sell SimuCUBE 1 & Steering Wheel SRC GT-1

I'm selling my SimuCUBE1 because set has been useless for me a long time now because my healthy issues and now I have purchased Fanatec DD Podium.

SimuCUBE based OSW kit SinCos - with CM110 case
ServoMotor: MiGE 130ST-M10010 SinCos - 2,1 mil cpr
PSU: Mean Well 480W (Noiseless) 20-30Nm
Servo drive: Ioni Pro HC (25A)
Adapter for Fanatec QR: No
Servo Cables: MiGE Original Servo Cables + EMI Grounding Wire + Emergency Stop unit with 3 metre cable

Place of purchase:
Purchace date: 1/2018



Steering Wheel SRC GT-1
  • Steering wheel designed and reinforced specifically to withstand the forces of the engines of the OSW.
  • Suede finish, 32cm steering wheel.
  • Top quality components. New panel closed of fiber carbon 100% with 8 Buttons, 2 rotary encoders with push button of Leo Bodnar (CTS288V).
  • Magnetic shifters. New internally reinforced design, more robust and better feeling.
  • Internal electronic connections with custom PCB design. Own developed firmware designed to avoid EMI’s.
  • Compatible with OSW (Mige 130ST motors) and Thrustmaster Base with these adapters: Qr SRC Aluminium Black, Quick-Release 3D OSW y Quick-Release 3D Thrustmaster.
  • Ready to plug.
Place of purchase:
Purchace date: 1/2018


- I had healthy issues with my back so I have only used set about 30 hours !!
- warranty are 2 years (EU)
- all equipment's are in perfect condition, 10/10
- I have used wheel only with my gloves
- it comes with all original boxes (2-3) and accessories

This set also include
- USB cables and power cable
- unused adjustable Motor mount (laser cutted, glossy black colorised)



Barry's video review:

I'm asking: 1200€ / offer + postage costs (from Finland) and set is sold only together, not separately.