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  1. rayjubb87

    Sell Cube Controls formula Sport USB

    Purchased in Dec from Simtag. This CC Formula Sport comes as new with everything you’d expect to see from new and with a few added extras. The wheel will ship completely stock but I have added metal rotaries as an upgrade inside the box. I preferred them over the original plastic knobs. If you...
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    F1 2021 Simucube 2 Pro Settings for F1 2021

    Has somebody already figured out great settings for the Simucube?
  3. Peter Winkler

    Rig Report - Peter Winkler

    Dear All, since some years i am well known by sharing my DIY hobbies across different platforms. I started to write german posts to share my experiences to help others enjoying our great spare time. 10y ago i posted my first DIY report showing my slotcar track - today i have already 50 pages...
  4. H

    Sell Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro Wheel

    Hi All, For sale is my Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro wheel. Wheel is in fantastic condition as can be seen from the images attached. I purchased this wheel from Simon Povey, not long ago, but finding myself constantly drawn back to my SRB GT3 Wheel. It will also come with the carbon fibre...
  5. Ret00797

    Please, good settings for iRacing and SIMUCUBE 1

    Hi everyone. I've trying so hard to get some good settings for iRacing with my SimuCUBE 1 (Small mige - IONI Pro - 20 Nm). Both Simu settings and in-game ones. All I've got is to soft and floating, or just an arm-braker force. Please, does anyone have a good and steady settings to feel a real...
  6. I

    Sell Simucube 2 Pro

    I have a like new (less than 40 hrs.) Simucube 2 Pro for sale with upgraded ultimate version e-stop. Purchased from DSD earlier this year. Includes all the original packaging. [SOLD] because I purchased an Ultimate. $1650 plus shipping charges to the CONUS only.
  7. Kowciu005

    Sell (Heusinkveld, Cube Controls, Simucube, Fanatec) - Lots of Racing Sim items for Sale

    Lots of Racing Sim items (Heusinkveld, Cube Controls, Simucube, Fanatec) Simucube OSW Direct Drive Wheel Small MiGe + QSP Rim + Frame/Rig with Triple Monitor Mount (£1100) - Reluctant to sell these, as it feels smoother than a dd1 and performs great. Love the rim, magnetic shifters, buttons, d1...
  8. Jason Reiser

    Sell Simucube 1 (SC1) Small MiGE, SinCos, Wireless, Q1R

    SOLD: Simucube 1 (SC1) with Small MiGE, SinCos encoder, Wireless receiver, Q1R quick release $950 but I’m open to offers. Shipping or ideally pickup or meetup would be from NY 11768. I purchased the Heidehain ERN-480-3600 Sin-Cos encoder from Davy Watts at Sim-tronix for over $250 to upgrade...
  9. M

    Sell Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 FFB System (54) - Ultimate

    I figured I would start off with my most prized Sim Racing component. Honestly, I am only selling this if someone makes me an offer that I can’t refuse (no killing of horses is allowed... I’m from Kentucky people... horses are important to us). If they do, I will include the mounting bracket...
  10. T

    Wanted DD wheel, Rim, pedals, shifter

    Building my sim rig. Looking for various devices. I am located in US, Zip 98036 DD wheel: Simucube 2 Sport or Pro, Sim racing bay OSW. Augury OSW 18nm/20nm Rim: formula style wheel (around 290mm) with dual clutch. Preferably Ascher F64, Taichi F1, cube controls. Open to other formula style...
  11. S

    Simucube 2 Mounting Bolts snapped

    Hi, when I tried to loosen the nuts on my Simucube 2 Pro the head of the bolt literally snapped off. To me it felt like the Bolt was a lot tighter then when I installed it (Maybe the vibration somehow jammed the thing?). Has anyone here encountered a similar problem ?
  12. AaronF80

    SFX-100 Build: AaronF80

    I am starting down the road of building out my sim rig, and have closely followed the SFX mega-thread here in preparation. There have been several suggestions at a complete build thread start to finish from other readers, and as I needed a place to keep things organized as I go, I am going to...
  13. knightop1

    Sell SimuCUBE SW20+ (20Nm Direct Drive Wheel) + Buchfink Q1R Quick Release System

  14. S

    Where to Buy OSW Electronics, simucube board?

    I want to build an OSW setup using some of the high-torque BLDC's I have on hand with the addition of an encoder, but looking around online I cannot find the simucube controller for sale anywhere but Granite Devices, where it has been out of stock ever since I started looking into building a...
  15. CaptianIglu

    IONI Pro HC

    Hey, https://store.granitedevices.com/ionidrives/38-ioni-pro-hc-servo-stepper-drive-8542310001.html https://store.granitedevices.com/motherboards/57-simucube-force-feedback-controller-board-8504409580.html On the website is said that it is usable with a Raspberry Pi. But how it will be...
  16. JohnnyV

    Sell SimuCube OSW Large MiGe

    Sold For sale the well known 30 Nm OSW large MiGe. Bought from simracingbay. Comes with the following: - 130ST-M15015 - Meanwell 720W noiseless PSU - Shielded cables - e-stop - Acrylic case - motor mounting bracket In as-good-as-new condition (because these things are unbreakable). Is...
  17. V

    Sell SimuCUBE 1 & Steering Wheel SRC GT-1

    Hi, I'm selling my SimuCUBE1 because set has been useless for me a long time now because my healthy issues and now I have purchased Fanatec DD Podium. SimuCUBE based OSW kit SinCos - with CM110 case ServoMotor: MiGE 130ST-M10010 SinCos - 2,1 mil cpr PSU: Mean Well 480W (Noiseless) 20-30Nm Servo...
  18. C

    Sim-plicity OSW wheel reviews

    After my T300 RS went out of warranty and died of a calibration failure I wanted to make a step towards an open sim wheel. So far I played with the though of buying the SW20 V3 from Sim-plicity. After some searching I came up with reviews of a SW20 unit which were still using the SimuCube board...
  19. VTre

    OSW purchase / build advice needed (for rally sim)

    Hello everyone. Short story: has anyone got experience with accuforce? Or in general any other setup for rally sims? Long story: I have been intensively researching this topic for the past week, but the amount of options available is a bit confusing, so I am hoping someone with more experience...
  20. motoliser

    OSW & Heusinkveld Automobilista game setup

    I've been banging my head for quite a while because I couldnt get a satisfactory FFB on Automobilista and almost gave up on this incredible simulator because whatever setup I found online, was just so off! Well today I took quite some time to tweak my settings and got what I feel now like a...