1. M

    Sell Cube Controls GT PRO ZERO USB E.U

  2. K

    Sell Simucube 2 PRO & Heusinkveld Ultimates

    I am selling my Simucube 2 PRO and Heusinkveld Ultimates (Legacy) I have tried to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you'll be recieving, any questions please don't hestitate to ask, can provide pictures on request. Both items have seen little usage. Can ship but buyer...
  3. C

    Sell Ascher Racing F28-SC Wheel

    SOLD on 12/22/2022 I recently added the Ascher Racing F64 wheel to my collection, so I no longer need this wheel. The wheel is in perfect working condition, and was always used with gloves, so the Alcantara is still in like-new condition. Comes with original box/packaging, all stickers (never...
  4. lilaxer

    Simucube 2 Sport Nigel Mansell FW14 ICONIC Livery Vinyl Wrap (not for sale atm)

    I recently acquired a vinyl cutter and decided that I wanted to make a vinyl wrap for my Simucube 2 Sport as (fantastic company for sim vinyl wraps) doesn't offer wraps for Simucube 2 Sport (only Pro 2). I wanted to make my own so I used ideas from their website and...
  5. G

    Critique my wheel choices for SC2

    I’m hoping for some feedback on my wireless wheel choices for the Simucube 2 Pro base. I’m considering getting the following: 300mm w/ SRB BB Ultra Wheel choice: likely Momo Team 30, since I can’t tell if OMP Trecento fits with SRB BB Ultra Vintage F1, Skip Barber, Modern Rally. Maybe GT3...
  6. M

    Sell SRB BB ultra + Extras (E.U)

    SRB BB ultra €450 SC QR €50 Cube Controls Esparco €220 Cube Controls GT-Cube Pro Rim €100 Contact me for shipping price and none EU friends I can put low value to avoid customs
  7. M

    Sell GSI GXL Pro - Sapphire Edition With dual clutch (EU)

    GSI GXL Pro - Sapphire Edition **SOLD***
  8. mauri71london

    Sell Precision Sim Engineering LM-X - Very little to no use condition

  9. mauri71london

    Sell Cube Controls F-Pro USB/Bluetooth

    [UK] Cube Controls F-Pro . The wheel is not on sale anymore. Thanks, M
  10. N

    Sell Complete Sim Racing Rig

    Price Drop Sim Racing Components, Collection from Kettering NN15 All items were purchased January 2021, Gloves have always been worn so there is very little wear on the wheel. Used every now and then until February 2022. I don't have any of the original boxes. Simucube 2 Pro - R2 - Sold Cube...
  11. Reprobate

    Sell ASCHER B24L-SC (Funky Switch Version) Simucube Wireless Button Box

    SOLD Puchased 9th Feb From Demon Tweeks ASCHER B24L-SC (Funky Switch Version) Simucube Wireless Button Box Comes with all the original stuff, stickers are all untouched £425 posted in the UK, FAST UK SHIPPING UK Only IMAGE GALLERY
  12. What do you upgrade or replace next?

    What do you upgrade or replace next?

    When it comes to upgrading your sim racing equipment there are so many options, it can be daunting to decide where you should spend your money. Of course there are many people out there that don’t have to worry about where they spend their money. For the rest of us, we want to make sure we get...
  13. GSI GT-MAX32 - Gomez Sim Industries announce new wheel

    GSI GT-MAX32 - Gomez Sim Industries announce new wheel

    Gomez Sim Racing announced on Twitter yesterday a new wheel, the GSI GT-MAX32, which is available to pre-order now with a delivery for summer 2022. The wheel retails from $1385 and is compatible with Simucube, VRS, Accuforce, and Fanatec DD bases. The first round of pre-sales began yesterday...
  14. K

    Sell Ascher Racing F28-SC V2, HP Reverb G2 (Rev 1.0 Cable), OMP (OD/2005/NN) Wheel

    Selling my 6 month old set of gear, no issues with any of them and includes the following. - HP Reverb G2 (Rev 1.0 cable) $330 shipped - original packaging, controllers, manuals. - Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 $500 shipped - original package, never used button stickers, also inlcudes $80 Simucube 2...
  15. Simucube RD Brand Store Now Open!

    Simucube RD Brand Store Now Open!

    We are pleased to announce Simucube as the the latest sim racing brand to join the RaceDepartment store. Browse their products and leave reviews on kit you own. If you are in the market for a Simucube product you now have the ability to browse the Simucube range in the RaceDepartment Store...
  16. S

    Sell SRB GT3 Wheel (UK)

    now sold
  17. Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Just like real motorsports, sim racing is steadily evolving, and especially the hardware side of things has made enormous progress in recent years. With all the advancements having been made, this begs the very interesting question: What is next? Let us know your opinion in the comments below...
  18. rayjubb87

    Sell Cube Controls formula Sport USB

    Purchased in Dec from Simtag. This CC Formula Sport comes as new with everything you’d expect to see from new and with a few added extras. The wheel will ship completely stock but I have added metal rotaries as an upgrade inside the box. I preferred them over the original plastic knobs. If you...
  19. Bram Hengeveld

    F1 2021 Simucube 2 Pro Settings for F1 2021

    Has somebody already figured out great settings for the Simucube?
  20. Peter Winkler

    Rig Report - Peter Winkler

    Dear All, welcome to my rig report - i have some interesting stories and projects to share all my projects are shared via thingiverse - for your private usage after some intro pictures you will find my chapter structure to see my important posts...