1. T

    Wanted DD wheel, Rim, pedals, shifter

    Building my sim rig. Looking for various devices. I am located in US, Zip 98036 DD wheel: Simucube 2 Sport or Pro, Sim racing bay OSW. Augury OSW 18nm/20nm Rim: formula style wheel (around 290mm) with dual clutch. Preferably Ascher F64, Taichi F1, cube controls. Open to other formula style...
  2. S

    Simucube 2 Mounting Bolts snapped

    Hi, when I tried to loosen the nuts on my Simucube 2 Pro the head of the bolt literally snapped off. To me it felt like the Bolt was a lot tighter then when I installed it (Maybe the vibration somehow jammed the thing?). Has anyone here encountered a similar problem ?
  3. AaronF80

    SFX-100 Build: AaronF80

    I am starting down the road of building out my sim rig, and have closely followed the SFX mega-thread here in preparation. There have been several suggestions at a complete build thread start to finish from other readers, and as I needed a place to keep things organized as I go, I am going to...
  4. S

    Where to Buy OSW Electronics, simucube board?

    I want to build an OSW setup using some of the high-torque BLDC's I have on hand with the addition of an encoder, but looking around online I cannot find the simucube controller for sale anywhere but Granite Devices, where it has been out of stock ever since I started looking into building a...
  5. CaptianIglu

    IONI Pro HC

    Hey, On the website is said that it is usable with a Raspberry Pi. But how it will be...
  6. J

    Sell SimuCube OSW Large MiGe

    Sold For sale the well known 30 Nm OSW large MiGe. Bought from simracingbay. Comes with the following: - 130ST-M15015 - Meanwell 720W noiseless PSU - Shielded cables - e-stop - Acrylic case - motor mounting bracket In as-good-as-new condition (because these things are unbreakable). Is...
  7. V

    Sell SimuCUBE 1 & Steering Wheel SRC GT-1

    Hi, I'm selling my SimuCUBE1 because set has been useless for me a long time now because my healthy issues and now I have purchased Fanatec DD Podium. SimuCUBE based OSW kit SinCos - with CM110 case ServoMotor: MiGE 130ST-M10010 SinCos - 2,1 mil cpr PSU: Mean Well 480W (Noiseless) 20-30Nm Servo...
  8. C

    Sim-plicity OSW wheel reviews

    After my T300 RS went out of warranty and died of a calibration failure I wanted to make a step towards an open sim wheel. So far I played with the though of buying the SW20 V3 from Sim-plicity. After some searching I came up with reviews of a SW20 unit which were still using the SimuCube board...
  9. VTre

    OSW purchase / build advice needed (for rally sim)

    Hello everyone. Short story: has anyone got experience with accuforce? Or in general any other setup for rally sims? Long story: I have been intensively researching this topic for the past week, but the amount of options available is a bit confusing, so I am hoping someone with more experience...
  10. motoliser

    OSW & Heusinkveld Automobilista game setup

    I've been banging my head for quite a while because I couldnt get a satisfactory FFB on Automobilista and almost gave up on this incredible simulator because whatever setup I found online, was just so off! Well today I took quite some time to tweak my settings and got what I feel now like a...
  11. M

    MAJOR issues with Sim-plicity Ollie’s Kit?

    A few months ago I purchased a SimuCube SW20 direct drive wheel system from Sim-plicity. I know Ollie (Sim-plicity) is a well known and seemingly respected guy in the sim racing community, but I’ve been treated very unprofessionally by him and his team. After using the SW20 for a while it...
  12. H


    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for opening my thread. So basically I bought an OSW Simucube kit by Tomo a couple months ago and have been using it so far with Iracing and Assetto Corsa and I have to admit its awesome. Unfortunately I havent got the same result in Rfactor2 and Rfactor 1 (but...
  13. Katsushika Matsumoto

    Sell OSW Reimer kit w/ AKM52G / 40K encoder

    SOLD, THANKS FOR LOOKING What are you selling? I'm selling my Dennis Reimer plug & play Argon OSW kit bought a year ago (original invoice will be supplied) It's coupled with one of the best servo options available, the Kollmorgen AKM52G with the high 40K encoder option. This servo is capable...