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SimHub - MFD & Button Box

Wes Brook

I've put together a simple SimHub dashboard and button box design, for general use across multiple sims and car types.

My intention was to create something that was not specific to any particular car or genre, more so that all the information a driver may require during a session be available in a simple format with a basic and consistent layout.

Personally I use the WRC font set, but any should work. None of the artistic assets are mine: all graphics, icons and fonts are either packaged with SimHub else were downloaded via Google images.

Feel free to edit the layouts, button maps or general design to your preference.

The red box beneath the gear indicator shows the current speed, and flashes with flag conditions when they occur. LED to the top right does the same, but this is visible across multiple screens, as is the smaller gear indicator aside the RMP gauge. Essentially, whichever screen you have open, the gear, RMP, and flag condition should be visible (besides the larger buttons screen).

DRS status labels added to RMP gauge
Leaderboard page added
Label background colours adjusted
Track & Air Temperatures relabelled
Gap references corrected
Lap Times page rearranged

UPDATE 02/06/21:

Here is an MFD only layout, without the buttons. Some additions/omissions from the MFD/BB version.

A few format changes to better show required values
Added colours to some computed values (based on GTE class)

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