Sim-plicity OSW wheel reviews

After my T300 RS went out of warranty and died of a calibration failure I wanted to make a step towards an open sim wheel. So far I played with the though of buying the SW20 V3 from Sim-plicity.
After some searching I came up with reviews of a SW20 unit which were still using the SimuCube board but I've heard they are now using their own boards and software which were apparently causing some problems early on after the switch.

To all owners of a Sim-plicity wheels which use the new in-house custom boards, how well do those wheels perform compared to SimuCube based OSWs with similar motors (if you had the chance to try a SimuCube based OSW) and how good is the support for most known titles like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, etc... ?

Thanks for sharing your experiences!
Have a look at this post.
Comparisons with OSW is kind of rare because a lot of people are coming from mid range wheels like the T300. If you have anymore specific questions it is a good idea to ask them in the thread above.


I have the sw7 drive for about 6 months now never had a problem with it
its a good drive feedback is superb I cant compare with any other system as its my 1st dd system

as for sims its works great with them all acc-ac-iracing-pc2-rf2 and more.
new firmware just released. Only downside I can see is for example is no notification when new firmware is released I just happened to be browsing they website and found it no release notes to go with said new firmware.
apart from these small niggles this budget dd drives are really good.
hope this helps