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    weird constant vibration/current feeling in sw20 v3

    I've been dealing with a strange problem regarding my small mige motor and i was hoping someone may have some idea on what is going on. The problem is that whenever FFB is turned on / power goes to the motor, there's this weird high frequency vibration feeling, as if you were putting your hand...
  2. C

    Sim-plicity OSW wheel reviews

    After my T300 RS went out of warranty and died of a calibration failure I wanted to make a step towards an open sim wheel. So far I played with the though of buying the SW20 V3 from Sim-plicity. After some searching I came up with reviews of a SW20 unit which were still using the SimuCube board...
  3. K

    ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles Compatibility

    Hey guys, I have sorted out the basic foundations for my rig and just need some advise for the finer details. I'm getting a Sim-plicity DD Wheel and I would like some paddle shifters. I was originally leaning towards ascher racing, but they will cost 187EU for the plate and shifters plus...
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    MAJOR issues with Sim-plicity Ollie’s Kit?

    A few months ago I purchased a SimuCube SW20 direct drive wheel system from Sim-plicity. I know Ollie (Sim-plicity) is a well known and seemingly respected guy in the sim racing community, but I’ve been treated very unprofessionally by him and his team. After using the SW20 for a while it...