Sim-Lab Integrated Monitor Mount / DD System Experience

Hello Guys

I am currently looking to buy the SimLab Integrated Monitor Mount plus a Quad-Addon for a Monitor on top. I want to swap later to a Simucube 2 Pro and I am asking if anyone has such a system or similar and can tell me if the mount bounces a lot or not with such a DD System and if you can notice it. Problem is the current Space on my right to buy a monitor stand, so the integrated version looks currently like a better choice.

Also I am planing to Upgrade to new Monitors soon, I currently have 2x27" Monitors side by side but Iam looking to buy either a 32" as my Main and a 27" on top or a samsung odyssey g9 49" and a 27" on top. But since I would also be streaming, I heard that there are issues with the format and resolution of the Display.

The other option would be a 38" LG monitor as my main and a 27" on top. Any suggestions ? A Triple Setup is currently out of question, so either a 32", ultrawide + a 27" on top for Information like stream infos, etc.

Cheers :)


I have the integrated monitor mount on my P1-X to hold my 38 inch ultrawide and I use a DD1. I don't get any movement at all, is rock solid.