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Shape (Cross Sections) and Overlapping Polygons

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. kohnboy


    In BTB User Guide under Shape (Cross Sections) the following text describes how to fix overlapping polygons...

    "Moving the outside vertices left/right affects the width of the track and be careful not to overlap vertices as strange results can occur. This can be used to your advantage when trying to fix overlapping polygons (as pictured below). By selecting all vertices (hold down shift to multi-select) and moving them to one side; a problem corner is no more."

    Am trying the selecting multiple vertices and I get them highlighted to address a 2 places in my circuit where I have a "knuckle" of polygons- distrorting the inside of a corner. But once I begin to move them it goes wacky. Either they move ncredibly up or down (relative to the actual height of the rest of the track) and the road becomes massively distorted. I just need to move them a few fett left or right and 2 major issues on my track are gone.

    Am following the User Manaual and am getting nowhere (just more frustrated!).
    Have checked the youtube vids and the official ones and can't find anything.

    I assume after selecting all the vertices I'm supposed to hold a certain key and then move left and right...
    What key!?

    Or is it something completely different???
    Thanks guys.
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    Using the 3d view, hold down Shift (for multiple points) and X (for horizontal movement only). If you hold down Y instead, you'll limit the direction to vertical.

    X and Y don't work in the surfaces window.

    In my opinion a better solution would be to adjust the nodes and control points instead (you could add a new node at the apex), but it depends on how the track looks, and if necessary, how realistic it is.
  3. kohnboy


    R Soul,
    Thanks will try that.
    In the User Manual the shot looks like it is in the Top View and I assumed I has to do it in the same mode....
    Will give it a go this AM.
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