Season 9 - General Discussion

Dec 3, 2012
This thread is meant to collect all the best setups we develope over the time. To keep it clean it should just be used to upload the files (discussions about setups should be done in separate threads).

So far I have developed 24 decent setups, so at the moment I need 3 threads to upload them and have some places left in the 3rd post to add some more.

Everyone who likes to is free to do the same, because different drivers means different styles and therefore different setups. This way new comers can find out who's setups suits them best. :)

using the setups:
I always drive the McLaren so if you have dropped the file into MyDocuments\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\CarSetups\trackname you need to search for "McLaren Mercedes MP4-22 LE" to see the file in the setup screen. Once you've saved it using your car, it will appear immediately when you enter the setup loading screen. If you are new to this track, the folder with the track name won't be there. Just enter the track in game, save a setup and it will be created then.

known flaws (mysteries :)):
The experienced users of this mod know that it has some flaws in terms of setup. So it works best if front toe in is always set to -1,00. It's also normal to use very low ride hights, relatively soft dampers and very soft springs in the front. Besides that flaws it realy makes sence to play with the other values because they work in a logical way.

some tips:
All of my posted setups are done for qualifying. The following things should help to make the car stable for a longer stint:

1. - take more fuel (he, he :))
2. - use harder tyre compounds (most likely softs or mediums)
3. - increase tyre pressure a little bit to avoid overheating
4. - increase rear wing by 1 - 3 clicks
5. - decrease (soften) rear ARB by few clicks
6. - decrease (soften) rear suspension by few clicks
7. - move brake balance to the front by few clicks
8. - increase engine brake mapping by 1 or 2
(this is done manually in the svm file by editing the line "EngineBrakingMapSetting= "

In not every case it's mandatory to make each of the changes from step 4 to step 8! Some times a little bit more rear wing could do the job or adjusting brake balance and engine brake mapping could tame the car enough to avoid turn in over steer...

If there are any questions about setups (everyone is welcome) I suggest to open a new "setup questions" thread. I'll try to help as much as I can and I'm sure other members are glad to help, too. :)

special thanks:
When I started with this great mod I got a lot of help setting up the car by my brother Nico Major and Peter Bartfai. Later my team mate Peter Duivelaar was a great help to improve each other. When I finally joined this outstanding gentle league I received huge help by Anthony Ishak and Jere Heikkinen. And when we all agreed to share and discuss setups openly everyone's input was a help! I also know that some well known pros like Arno Hoog distributed their setups here and there...

Big thanks to Nicolai Nicholson for running this great league, to Race Department for this nice place and to MMG for this great mod and to Günthar Rowe for the mod conversion from rF to GTR Evo!
hi my name is steve im new here. i now have the mak F1 cars but as i can see here, you seem to have all F1 tracks too. How can i get these tracks?? (i have race07, raceon, wtcc the game, fomrula raceroom). Hope to catch you guys soon on the track!!!
May 15, 2008
I agree Jonas, we should be better at fronting the diversity in nationalities. It resembles real f1 very well and I think many drivers apprechiate the international character of our grid :) (I guess the only unrealistic nationality is Norway, who never had a F1 driver ever)