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MGP19 Screen tearing, broken vsync after new patch

So after the latest patch there is a big problem with graphics, the screen is tearing seems like vsync problem. I tried to manualy set it in nvida cotrol panel but no success. On steam forums somebody wrote they fixed it, but I still have this problem. The game is unplayable for me... Does anyone also still have this issue?
Yeah i have it, and it didn't happen before this last patch. Now I have random game stutter, but the game remains on 60 FPS and I have a lot of screen tearing
This seems to have fixed it for me
V-Sync is a feature I wouldn't recommend nowadays. If your monitor is G-sync or FreeSync compatible, than buy a DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 cable (preferably DP 1.4.), and use that instead. Not only will you not have screen tear and even smoother game play, your FPS are also not locked by the V-Sync. Smoother game play with more FPS.