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S397 IMSA 2020 LMP2 pack

Skins S397 IMSA 2020 LMP2 pack 1.2

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Yeah really looking forward to that car too. Would be interesting to know if S397 is on it since the URD version might stay AC exclusive iirc that they're focused on AC now.
Ok i think i did wrong. I put the MAS file in the latest Oreca folder in "Installed/Vehicles/Oreca/2.19". But i read the readme and its more complicated than that huh? Im not on the new UI because i know where everything is in the old. Man i never get rF2 skins installed... Dont now why they cant make it as easy as AC and just drop skins in a folder and let the sim find them and apply them.
rF2 and skins is a difficult topic indeed. :D :(
It's pretty much the same with the old UI. Just drop the rfcmp file in the Packages folder of your root rF2 directory and get in the launcher. Quick and dirty:

Sorry I don't think this is going to happen.
Things would just become redundant and it would be a lot of work for me.

Currently I'm already having a hard time getting the update for the WeatherTech240 done since I'm pretty busy with work irl, so...


Out of curiosity, what are the chances of getting the new PR1 Motorsports livery for the #52 car? Appreciate all of your hard work.
Actually I started doing that skin a while back but chances aren't high I'm going to keep on working on it soon.
But it's on my list for sure, don't know when I'm going to continue getting that list done though.