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EU S397 Endurance @ Le Mans - Fri 04 Jun 2021

Jan Larsen

Sry for the late join, our guests unexpectably decided to leave early which meant I could race. No practice, but the setup was ready, so I tried learning the track instead. All my qually laps got booted for track limits so I had to start at the back, together with the GT's.
Went through the GT's surprisingly quick (heading on to the Mulsanne on the first lap) and from then on started to claw my way up the field. As the race went on, I quickly remember why I dont really like this track very much - the track limit hell it presents. 3 DT's, the last one I couldnt be bothered to serve. I need to learn the track better for the 2.4h race.
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Colin Peach

Did you end up using the wrong setup / aero package? Your top speed seemed waaayyy too low when I lapped you?
My brakes and throttle had issues, i could see the temps screaming up on the straights, on the plus side im hoping this is why ive been struggling the last few weeks


Thanks for the race guys, made infinitely better with the Discord banter :D

Sorry as well to @Jesse_088 for the incident near the end, just didn't want to hit the LMP2 in front since he was class leader so had to brake mid-corner. You were quicker than me, especially considering I was struggling with my braking all race!
No problem mate, my race was pretty rough shall we say, so it didnt bother me at all, was honestly already quite happy so have another gte runner to race with ;)