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EU S397 Endurance @ Le Mans - Fri 04 Jun 2021

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13

It's that time of the year again. Except the real life Le Mans have been postponed to August, so the annual 2.4hr at LeMans in the rF2 club is postponed to August as well. However, it's still time to do the mandatory June race at Le Mans here at the club! Afternoon/Night racing at it's best!

Eligibility: You must be a PREMIUM member. You must also use your REAL NAME on all RD servers and Discord, and include this in your forum profile. It is the only way of identifying who you are during an event.

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[Racing Club Rules]
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  • Oreca 07 LMP2 - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle
  • Ligier JS P217 LMP2 - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle 2
  • Cadillac DPI-V.R - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle 2
  • Corvette C8.R - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle 2
  • BMW M8 GTE - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle
  • Corvette C7.R - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle
  • Porsche 911 RSR - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle
  • Aston Martin Vantage GTE - [DLC] - Endurance Bundle
  • Ferrari 488 GTE - [DLC] - Standalone
Track: Circuit de la Sarthe - Le Mans [DLC]
Track Temperature: 25°C
Fixed Setups: No (setups can be shared)
Start Type: Formation Lap & Rolling Start
Driving Assists: Auto Clutch, Auto Shifting
Time / Weather: Afternoon -> Dark/Dry
ABS/TC: Factory Defaults

Schedule: (EU) Friday 04 June 2021
Practice: 19:00 UTC (20 minutes)
Qualifying: 19:20 UTC (15 minutes - PRIVATE)
Warm Up: 19:35 UTC
(5 minutes)
Race: 19:40 UTC (50 minutes)



  • It is the responsibility of faster cars to safely overtake slower cars. When a faster car is overtaking a slower car (in a different class), whether a blue flag is being shown to the slower car or not, the slower car should be predictable and remain on the racing line. The faster car should execute the overtake only when it is safe to do so. If a faster car is lapping another car in the same class then the same rule applies; some cooperation may be required to facilitate the overtake. Please be sensible.
  • All of the standard Racing Club Rules still apply to this event.
  • You do not need to nominate which car you will drive, but should specify in which class you would like to drive when signing up.


LMP2/DPi - Only DPi-config allowed for Cadillac!

  1. Ole Marius Myrvold
  2. IceColdBeard_24
  3. Roy Magnes
  4. Germano Cervini
  5. Herlev
  6. Dean Maković
  7. Cosimo
  8. wayphaxx
  9. Steve Le Gallez
  10. PurgerUK
  11. VeryImportantPotato
  12. Ingemar Petersson
  13. Free Spot
  14. Free Spot
  15. Free Spot
  16. Free Spot
  17. Free Spot
  18. Free Spot


  1. Michael Rudolf
  2. Otune
  3. Colin Peach
  4. G-Slev
  5. Shawn Jacobs
  6. Cameron Sansano
  7. Matthew Fennell
  8. Henri Sinik
  9. xoSx.Racing
  10. Simon Kingsbury
  11. Jesse_088
  12. Jimmie_Juba
  13. ThreeLionz
  14. Kevin Galvin
  15. Free Spot
  16. Free Spot
  17. Free Spot
  18. Free Spot
  19. Free Spot
  20. Free Spot

utp# 66 OMM



// If you want to save the planet, drive fast !
Would it be possible to go a bit longer than 50 minutes ? :unsure:
Does afternoon -> dark mean night and day cycle ?

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Would it be possible to go a bit longer than 50 minutes ? :unsure:
Does afternoon -> dark mean night and day cycle ?

I'll do that for the one in August before the actual Le Mans. That will be as special event run on a Sunday, 2.4 hours :)
The reason for 50 min is that all GT's can do a race without a stop then. With a 60 min race that varies, and then going up to 80/90 minutes is pushing it in regards to much time spent on a Friday evening for quite a few.

Doesn't mean night and day cycle. I guess we'll start at 17:00 in-game time, with 3x speed. So we'll finish at 19:30-19:45 in-game time (I need to check the more exact times for sunset etc.)


Rubbish Racer & Amateur Motorsport Photographer
I am tentative - I am doing a three hour virtual VLN multiclass ahead of the Nurburgring 24 with the Privateers Pitbox on Friday night. I may join you for a few laps, but might have to leave early so I can get my Qualy laps in at the ring - Qualy runs from about 20:30 for 45 mins.

GTE please