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RRE irritation

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Terry Rock, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    I've tried now for over eight months to get the darn thing to run properly.
    I can start STEAM, get into the menus....and sometimes get on track...and it'll run smoothly with good framerate..
    More often than not though, I get into the menus and then it's like somebody sent a shutdown command.
    The computer says 'shutting down'....and that is exactly what it does.
    I don't get it....this is the only game or application on my computer which acts this way.
    I've e-mailed the guys at R3E, sent logs, etc... nobody seems to have an answer for why it's happening.
    I've run with AV disabled, run at minimum resolution, run with just basic background programs,...nothing works.
    I bought several cars, but am reluctant to buy anything else since I'm not able to properly use any of it.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
  2. Andrew

    Out of my mind ! Back in five minutes. Staff Premium

    Howdy Terry,
    I see that you have posted that in here allready ---->

    As far as I know, it has something to do with the powersupply on some machines.
    I have googled it, and on Steam there are many users that have the same problem.
    No solution found. Sorry.
  3. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Who or how did they determine it to be power supply related?
    Seems a bit out of sorts, since all other applications....(some much more graphics intensive than RRE2) run fine.
    I'm wondering if it's more chipset driver to RRE2 software compatible related.
    Something like that would seem more logical to me.
    I've read a few of the comments with others and almost overwhelmingly, they've been on the X79 platform...like I am.
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