rF2 | November Development Roadmap - Formula E 2019/20!

Studio 397 have released the latest of their monthly 'development roadmap' posts about the future of rFactor 2.

Maintaining a welcome tradition of updating the sim racing community about the goings on in the world of rFactor 2, the November roadmap post is here - and contains interesting insights and hints about where rFactor 2 is heading in the immediate future.

On the content side of things, the key highlight is of course the introduction of the 2019/20 Formula E content update - adding the new teams, drivers and liveries from the premier electric open wheel racing series in the world. Other key topics from the new post is news that the long awaited UI update for the sim is indeed on target for a mid-December release, and plenty of talk about E-Sports and competitions within the simulation.

You can check out the full roadmap update post below:

As the weather gets cold all around Europe and the northern hemisphere, everyone at Studio 397 is currently in motion and working on exciting projects cranking up the heat! It’s already November, but we’re not finished yet bringing you updates and new content for rFactor 2 this year. Next month we’ll look back at the year, but for now we are dedicated to working on the future of simracing and bringing everybody together for exciting and thrilling digital motorsport action. So get off the track, slow down and park your cars in the pits for a while and let’s talk about what awaits you in the rFactor world this coming month. Spoiler alert: before the clock strikes twelve, you will have heard back from us at least three more times! That’s how much we have planned to end the year on a high. And as you will see, we are already announcing a big event in 2020!

Screenshot Contest Winners
Last week we announced a screenshot contest, featuring our Nissan GT500. Thank you everybody for making an effort and submitting screenshots of your own liveries! We could not decide on a winner, so we picked two! And the winners are…..BrianB and ek0z from Discord – Congratulations! We will be in touch next week.

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Formula E 2020 Season Release

Just last weekend we saw the ABB FIA Formula E Championship start into its 6th season, with a grid so packed and full of big names that exciting racing was inevitable! Not hyped enough by what happened at the Diriyah ePrix, or missed it? Check out all the action here! Let’s start off with an interesting fact before diving into our actual announcement. Season six of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the first ever championship that sees all four German premium automotive brands battle it out on the same tracks, namely Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Of course there are even more manufacturers in this season, with Nissan and Jaguar both coming back to strike hard against the German brands.

But enough about the new season. How does that relate to rFactor 2? As you probably guessed by now, we’re proud to continue our relationship with Formula E, and we’re releasing the 2020 season teams and liveries! Intense street racing with quick and agile open wheelers is waiting for you, featuring the new debutantes, Porsche and Mercedes, as a free upgrade to the current Formula E Gen 2 car. Go get it here!

And check it out, we also added the top wing cam!

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Sim Formula 2020 at InterClassics in Maastricht

On January 16-19th, 2020, the MECC in Maastricht will host the biggest simracing event in the Benelux. In collaboration with InterClassics, Sim Formula will host a 4 day long event, focused on simracing. The event is freely accessible every day. Known brands in simracing will be showing off their latest developments and products. There is also a simracing arena featuring various activities. For example, on Saturday there will be a hotlap competition on Circuit Maastricht (which is freely available in the rFactor 2 workshop if you want to come prepared). On Sunday afternoon you can witness the finals. René Hoogterp, a professional Dutch commentator, will participate in the live broadcast of this race.

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Qualifiers and Prize Pool

December 2019 will feature an online qualifier competition using rFactor 2, consisting of both hotlaps and races. In the first week of December we will open up a hotlap competition where the top 25 (with 5 reserves) will qualify for a series of races in the week of December 10-15th. In each of those races, a qualification session will be followed by two short sprint races, one with a reverse grid, to determine the fastest driver of that day who will then qualify for the final. More information on how to join will be published here on Monday.

The 5 fastest from these qualifiers will be invited to compete against each other on January 19th at the MECC in Maastricht in full-motion simulators provided by Upracer to determine who wins the first edition of Sim Formula. The total prize pool for this event is €10.000. Note that we are not covering travel expenses, so make sure you are able to travel to Maastricht to compete in the final if you join the qualifiers!

Masterclass and Congress

In collaboration with Adrenaline-Xperience by Atze Kerkhof all visitors of the event will be able to win one of three masterclasses. To participate, you can fill in a card during your visit to the event and drop it in a spot on the podium of the racing arena. The winner of the hotlap competition on Saturday will win the fourth masterclass. On Thursday evening, there will be an esports congress (for which you do need to buy a ticket). If you want to learn more about the world of esports, this is an excellent opportunity to listen to and discuss with an impressive line-up of well known, international speakers. For more information and tickets, visit this page.

Co-Hosted with InterClassics

The Sim Formula 2020 is full of action, but there is a lot more to see at InterClassics, the biggest car show of the Benelux, featuring many classic and fast cars. Just what the doctor ordered!


In case you’re wondering how the public beta of the new UI is coming along, we are on schedule to release that mid-December. It will be released as an “opt-in” public beta on Steam, so you will need to enable it yourself and you can quickly switch between the two. Both versions will be fully multiplayer compatible.

Enjoy the last month of the year!

rFactor 2 is available exclusively on PC.

Questions? Ask the community and post a thread in the rFactor 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment! If you love racing online, why not check out our rFactor 2 Racing Club - a fantastic place to experience this sim with in a clean, safe and competitive environment.

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cant wait for the new UI
btw sry to ask , about the formula E DLC , if i buy the formula e race bundle pack ,will it include the 2020 season skins?
Can someone from RFactor explain all the DLC packs for FormulaE?
I don't know if it's a bait and switch tactic but it's extremely confusing to work out what is what @ https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/browse/?searchtext=FormulaE&filter=All

All I want is the latest Gen 2 cars, but there're multiple packs that don't fully explain how they differ.
It would be easy enough to include in the product description that this is included, as the "free" link above goes to the paid DLC pack for 2020 FormulaE. A simple product comparison table would be helpful so we don't have to flip back and forth trying to figure what's in what.

Does the FormulaE race bundle include the 2020 "free" upgrade or is that extra? [Yes, I have to ask because you can't assume anything nowdays with DLC business models] https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/detail/1010/
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Martin Fiala

All I want is the latest Gen 2 cars, but there're multiple packs that don't fully explain how they differ.
If you only want the Gen 2 cars and no tracks, then obviously get the "FORMULA E GEN2 2019/2020 CAR" DLC.

You get a description of what each of the DLC packs contains if you click on the specific DLC. It is written in a bit of a confusing way, but not that confusing IMO.
Never mind, I went ahead and bought the pack with the tracks with RF2 discount, which does say FORMULA E GEN2 2019/2020 CAR but only in the pack contents after you buy it. They should modify the description to be more specific.
Well, that was a terrible purchase. RF2 doesn't recognise my controller, which works fine in every other game, and checking on Steam it seems to be a very common issue recently with loads of threads and no response from the devs.

Color me unimpressed, I was expecting it to work.

Edit: Figured it out, but I guess RF2 takes the prize for least intuitive sim. I hope the new UI has a better first user experience UX.
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Well, that was a terrible purchase. RF2 doesn't recognise my controller, which works fine in every other game, and checking on Steam it seems to be a very common issue recently with loads of threads and no response from the devs.

Color me unimpressed, I was expecting it to work.
Which controller are you using?
Which controller are you using?
Well, that was a terrible purchase. RF2 doesn't recognise my controller, which works fine in every other game, and checking on Steam it seems to be a very common issue recently with loads of threads and no response from the devs.

Color me unimpressed, I was expecting it to work.
Are you using controller or a wheel?

I always needed to **** the game down once and then restart to get it to recognize my inputs. If it’s a wheel make sure if it’s listed in the wheel section or if it automatically recognizes it. If the game does, you will probably still need to shut down and start again. Make sure you map everything.

If you can get it to work, it’s my favorite driving and AI racing sim.

I need custom championships though!


I liked being able to choose between the current and the new UI. The new one will certainly be better, but in beta it can cause a headache.
Speak for yourself.
I have no issue with the current UI.
Yeah once you work out what things do it's no worse than any other UIs I have used especially flight sims. I have just installed a Fanantec CSW v2.5 wheel without any hassle. I will only install the new UI when all the bugs are sorted, I got caught when the beta DX11 was released, I installed it and it just did not work properly and it would not revert back to DX9, so I had to completely reinstall RF2.
P.S. I only player single play, so I can not comment about the UI when playing multi player.
I've refunded it. That was a total waste of a sunday afternoon. I finally got it working with my Razer controller, and then it started going a bit strange.

My controller works perfectly fine in all the other sims I have but now in rFactor2 it glitches like crazy on the steering thumbstick, and also has no FFB/Rumble for XBox type gamepads. I only just noticed it says "partial controller support" on the Steam Store, so I guess that's what it means. Seems to be a lot of controller issues on Steam forums about it too.

Pretty disappointed in it really, given all the high praise it gets.
I had to laugh driving over flat grass, it was like bouncing over a pile of boulders. I don't know how that works as "realistic Physics" but I guess it must be if everyone praises it.

Enjoy the new UI!
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