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RDRC S9 Round 3 - Rally Argentina (1st March - 7th March 2021)

Mathieu (winters?) the Ford is a little bit harder to keep on the road because when the Turbo kicks in, you have to be ready. But it kicks in at relatively low RPM so it is manageable. You just have to keep the revs up. It is definitely faster on acceleration, but more dangerous in tight turns. It was a bit scary in Argentina for this reason.
Yes that would be me :) Good to hear about the Fiesta, all 3 cars seems evenly matched but I need to try it out again. Honestly I think I'm just trying to find a reason for my slow pace, instead of admitting I simply suck at rallying :D
late to the party, my first rally in this championship.

I too have lost all but one of my headlights during the night section, is this normal?


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The damage works in a way that you can completely drop the extra lights assembly in one go after a hard hit (these are easy to occur in Argentina against rocks). Having hardcore damage enabled could cause it more often (for crashes have more severe results), if you're not used to see it happening.
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Matthew Allington

Wham!ming into Spanish rocks
This time I made it to the end! :D



Thoroughly enjoyable rally (but I still think @Ole Marius Myrvold is an evil $%&! for giving us 4 night stages in a row :p), with a few harmless excursions off the road and a clean barrel roll on SS2! :roflmao:

Of course I binned it in the last quarter of the power stage :cautious:


No big damage, but was annoyed that I had to hit the recov button :thumbsdown:

Currently P17 in class, let's hope that tomorrow's contenders aren't too quick and I can pick up a point or two ;)
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This rally was going super well for me, even though the conditions were tough. Sadly, on the very last stage, I braked too late on a fast section towards a right hairpin, the car plunged into the rocks and... terminal damage. :cry:

I am absolutely gutted, because I was doing quite well (14-15th place) and without serious mistakes until then, just a rear right puncture on S7, which I managed to "nurse" into the finish line. Some time lost, of course, but not as much as I would have lost by changing the tyre mid-stage. So yeah, the ending was super sad. That's rallying, I guess...

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Very happy with my result in Argentina. I knew i had to deliver in my local rally so i trained a bit for this one, specially the night stages which i knew that could be dangerous.

I pushed the car to the limit in each stage, got some stage wins and some scary moments too. I didn't expect the road to be so slippery in the rain though, and i didn't put any practice in wet conditions, so i had a few offs in the wet loop.

Last loop i went with softs, knowing that they would be dead at the end of the rally. Effectively, i didn't had ANY grip left on them on the Power Stage, but still managed to get a decent time

Oh, forgot to mention, i love the "San Isidro" stage (the one with the fast section). Was very happy to pass through that fast section multiple times during the rally (and in both directions!). I was getting better splits than my rivals each time i passed through there.

Now i'll be waiting for the official results :D

Oh man, this was exciting !! I had a comfortable lead after @CrazyNevada probably had an accident on SS5. Lost a little time on SS6 and SS7 but nothing major, the gap was still satisfactory. On SS5 the tires was very worn and I had little grip, therefor I chose to use Medium tires on the last 5 stage as 4 of them was long. I knew I was going to lose a lot of time on the 2-3 first stages if the others went for softs but I was hoping to gain some time on the last two. Lucky for me it went as I hoped it would, the mediums held up in the last stage :)

Best regards

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
My notes from the final 5 stages of the rally is following.


ss08 - Hit a stone wall at slow speed and had to reverse. Incredibly slippery stage with mediums.
ss09 - Better grip and a bit more of a push on this stage. Lifted me up 2 positions on the rankings, though only 4 seconds down.


ss10 - This stage is the one I have used as warm-up before I started the leg. Pushed quite hard on this one, and it payed off with the ones around me. But gaining futher positions looks impossible without any issues for the guys ahead of me.
ss11 - The tyres are starting to really wear out, this stage was slippery. Still an okay time.


ss12 - I am not supposed to have any good rally ever. One thing is that I spun and had to reverse a couple of times to get out early on the stage, but I just HAD to get a puncture on the rear left a few km later. I spun another few times after this too, and lost heaps of time.


I am once again incredibly disappointed in myself for destroying another strong result in a rally. I knew when I started the last stage that I had a little gap down and minutes to the guys ahead, so I did not have to push. I did not push, but with the worn tyres I did not have to push to hit the scenery and damage the car.
I do hope for my first points in the championship from this event, but I hate the fact that I threw away more points...

Onwards to Poland, and an even bigger crash at a silly speed :D


Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Ok, back after no real demand! I'll livestream my attempt (or as far as I get until I have to move to the rFactor 2 club event I am hosting at RD tonight!) Live Now! :D

EDIT: Finished! The stream is there for re-watching if someone is weird enough to watch it :p
Written report later tonight :)
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Well, Rally Argentina is a waste of HDD-space as far as I'm concerned. Driving at night is bad as it is when youre a blind bat like me, but then add all those fckn bumps on top of it.. :O

One puncture(tire change) and one roll in the later stages that also resulted in a tire change pretty much summed it up.

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A quick recap from my side. Argentina is my most difficult location of the season, so mindset already from shakedown was "take it easy, just reach the finish" and letting others do mistakes.
Had a good feeling from start and just doing my race, keeping clear from all rocks and stone walls. My strategy worked 100% until powerstage where i kept too close on the inside on a right 4 and clipped a rock that launched my Polo into a roll, puncturing the right front tyre and landing up on another rock. Stuck..
Spectators pushed me back, only to roll it once again on the next corner, roof down in the middle of the road :cautious: Another reset and then just crawling to the finish, loosing over a minute. Hopefully we can get some points atleast.

On to the next one!









''We have engine problem'', ''We are down on power'', ''Engine light is on'', ''Take it easy"! Those where my pace notes from Phill in this event! :D

After SS5 it was just trying to survive til end of the rally! Critical damage to engine, radiator, exhaust... Had to apply quickfix to all of them!

Also wrong tire choices at every service didn`t help!

Barely survived til SS12 finish line! Only positive note - didn`t get any puncture!

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
What a rally!





And wet! (talk about luck, not hitting anything!)

But all in all, even with two call for help and 4 or 5 spins I am quite happy with my pace. This (and Poland) is the two events that on paper should be the worst for me, so I'm happy that I'm not further off the winner. Not too happy with the position though. I had hoped/expected more issues for drivers in RDRC-3, so I score less points that I had hoped for.

Went all out on the Power Stage as well, which is stupid. Especially as I am far down the field due to a lack of pace, not losing a minute due to a puncture etc. Made three huge errors there and won't score points. Frustrating thing is, if I'd just gone safe and had the approx. same pace as the first run I would've scored power stage points. Meh!

Oh well, the Ice Cream-car has done it's job. Now it's time to try and hunt down local Polish sponsors (no, I won't do LOTOS!).



I made it too! I survived! And that with even worse preparation than for Sweden.:)
As expected, I am ridiculously slow, but then again I never entered this championship with scoring points in mind in the first place.

And it didn't start out too bad either. On saturday, after a very (too) cautious SS1 I survived the night stages without any punctures and with even half of my headlights still intact!


Then came the first two wet stages, which went without big incidents, until the very very last corner of SS7 where I almost beached the Lancia on the outside ridge. Luckily I managed to get going again without a reset. but this cost me more than the 4 sec. reset penalty..:O_o:


After that I called it a night and saved the final 5 stages for today..

But boy, that last session turned out to be a true comedy of errors... Right at the very start of SS8, I mess up the very first right-hand corner and ran straight against the brick building...:confused::redface:

That was only the beginning. On all but one of the stages I needed to reset my car, a few times I spun, stalled my car numerous times, and by the time I got to the final PS my engine was already dying so I had to nurse here to the finish.

So.. I think it's off to Poland(?) for now. I've never driven a single stage there, so I get our stuff on the first boat out..
Made it to the finish line. Not in one piece, but made it. Argentina is by far my least favourite rally in the whole game, and I was being polite.

With rally Sweden I didn't have the time to properly practice, so I went with a default setup, but Argentina being my most avoided rally in the game, I had to put some extra hours in. Even made 2 complete setups for the rally, changing almost everything on the car, to make it rotate more. Still I couldn't eliminate the Impreza's tendency to bog down on the more serious hairpins, but maybe the driver is the issue here. I even clutched in when pulling the handbrake to avoid stalling, but the revs just kept dropping below 3000 RPM compromising my acceleration. Apart from that I was happy with the cars handling, behaved nicely on the bumps, made my job a lot easier.

The practice paid off, as I had a good start to the rally, felt confident behind the wheel. Didn't have any major moments in the night stages surprisingly, only clipped a couple of stone walls, but all repairs were finished in 13 minutes. Managed to escape the rain stages, too, but I made a gamble for the last leg. I went with the medium tyres instead of the hards. On SS11 tyre wear caught me out. At least I think it was, cause I always went 4th gear on that particular corner, but now the Subaru drifted wide and into the stone wall smashing my radiator. On the last 3 kms of the stage I had to back off, cause the engine started making noises due to overheating. SS12 was more like a sightseeing tour. The mission was to try and get the car to the finish line. Down on power and coolant, I did my best not to rev the engine too much, while still trying to maintain a good average speed so I wouldn't loose much time either. Only a handful of mistakes, but costly ones, Argentina is punishing as hell. I'm glad this one is over.
I would lie if I say I look forward to Poland. Ultra high speed sections where bumps can throw you off the road at 180 km/h. But it can't be worse than Argentina, so bring it on!

Congrats to everyone who lined up to the start line, and faced this challenging rally. The best times are again out of this world!
I don't have much to say about my rally, the start was ok, but in the first night stage i imediatly took the long-range headlights off so i could have a propper rally night experience
From that to the service area it was engine issues and puncture :p
Last 5 stages i was on my limit and made some mistakes, surprisingly i saw 3 green sectors, im geting closer

See you all next time, bellow you can see Morabia ST new BMW M3 E30 skin, looks great after a good shower i promiss :p

Thank you!