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Hi! I'm new in here. I have a question which is the following: How to convert Richard Burns Rally moldels to rFactor?
I know, the 3D SimEd program, but it can't deal with .sgc file format, so I think first, I have to convert to an another format, but I don't know. I also tried the Z-Modeler, but it's said, the file is locked.
So anyone can help me, please? Which programmes do I have to use? How is the process like?

I would like to convert the Skoda Fabia R5 1.1 (by G. Rodríguez, Garyson, Dino Antonelli) to rFactor.

Michael Nelson

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You could try to get in contact with one of the modellers on Rallyesim and ask if they have the original model file that you could use to convert it. (And really you should be asking them anyway, before trying to rip them). I know Garyson is active on there, I've seen some of his posts.

Good luck
It's depend what you want extract from RBR. If you want used native object - no problem. But if you think about independent rally tracks, so, first you need get permission from rally track authors...


I've contacted with Gabriel Rodríguez, the creator of the model, he gave me the permission to convert the car. He also sent the original 3D model file, but some parts are missing from the car. He wrote, he can't find the other file. I don't want to belive it....I don't know what to do..
The original RBR file is locked, and I can't open it.
He create the car, it's obvious.


Now, I have the model in 3ds file format, I imported it to 3dSimEd, but there is no materials and there are lots of objects. When I try to add the texture, it won't fit at all, but the mapping has to be good. Do I have to unify the similar objects at first? and how? There are internal, external and transparent textures.And thats all


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