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RBR 2020 Base Mod Download Link ?

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Hi guys :) !

I've become a real HUGE fan of RBR and its mods. Disadvantage: this gorgeous rally sim has spoiled me for its competitors like WRC and DiRT Rally; which both of them are in sleep mode most of the time on my hard drive.

My (urgent) question is:
Does someone of you - PLEASE !!!! - can give me a download link of Mr.Prezemek's fantastic RBR 2020 Base Mod ????

According to Cav Budd (have a quick look here:
) this RBR 2020 Mod from Mr.Prezemek is the best and most plausible Rally Mod regarding physics he has ever played.

I think there lies true in his worlds, because my current favourite RBR Mod, is the Base Mod 2016 (from Martin Pereyra), which also uses a further development of NGP3 and its physics. (For reverence look here: https://rbrplus.blogspot.com/2016/12/rbr-2016-v12.html).

I've done several polite inquiries to Mr.Przemek Guminski via Email, as adviced by Cav Budd. But - unfortunately - i still got no answer from him after two weeks.

Therefore, if someone of you knows the valid link of this mod (its free and out of charge according to Przemek Guminski), please answer to my post and let me know where I can get it.

Thank you in advance and happy new year 2021.
All the best.

Luckily and finally Mr. Przemek Guminski has answerd to me, and provided the download link of his RBR2020 Mod. Problem solved !!!

Thousand thanks to the author :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
So how do you like it? Is it as good as advertised?

Oh my gosh! I really, really like this mod !!! Mr. Przemek Guminski has done a brilliant job so far.

I think, if you like a mod or not pretty much depends on what someone expects. As you can read in my first post, I've always been delighted by Martin Pereyra's RBR 2016 Base Mod.

Guminskis mod is similar to this one, it also builds up on Workerbees (Günter Schlupf) NGP-3, BUT EVEN BETTER, enhanced.

Cav Budd has nailed it in his video, and I 100% agree with Cav's verdict: With this mod you get more confidence into your cars behaviour, it's more predictable compared to e.g. NGP-6; taking corners and curves during high speeds are making much more fun, and you will drive through the stages at higher speeds in general.

The interaction between throttle and steering is much, much better.

On the other side it's far away from beeing arcadish; a driver also have to take care of staying within the limits. If not you will crash within a second.

From my perspective: " Highly recommended !!!! "

Besides, Mr. Guminski (the author of the mod) is a very open minded, genuine and polite person. He encourages the users of his mod to let him know their feedback.

All the best to all of you, and happy new year 2021.
Stay save !
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Hi there!

I would like to try out thr RBR 2020 mod as well. Could you send me a message how to best contact Mr. Guminski to get the link and his ok to to so?

Thanks, Axel
Hi there!

I would like to try out thr RBR 2020 mod as well. Could you send me a message how to best contact Mr. Guminski to get the link and his ok to to so?

Thanks, Axel

No problem :thumbsup: !

In my first post I've cited this link : https://rbrplus.blogspot.com/2020/02/rbr-2020-base-mod.html

On this site you'll see a picture :

....and right there, underneath this picture you'll see:

Download: Google drive

Just click on "Google drive" ---> click through till the site of GoogleDrive opens (you need to have a GoogleDrive account).
A big, locked padlock will appear with the hint "You Need Access" (in German: " Sie benötigen Zugriff " ; sorry but German is my mother tongue; 'm not shure if I've translated it correctly).

The only thing you have to do then, is to click on the Big Blue Tab (Request for Access; the big blue tab appears on the same site together with the locked padlock)
Screenshot_2020-12-29 Google Drive - Zugriff verweigert.png

After this a short message will appear which indicates, that an automated request goes directly to Mr.Przemek Guminski's Email account (the author of the mod), and you'll receive a message from him and the proper link where you can download the mod; but not in an instant, it can take a whil till he is checking his emails.

---> you'll receive the message from him on the same Email Account which you've quoted for your GoogleDrive registration.
---> A personal message to him is optionlal, but not necessary.

The author told me that the requests go directly into his spam-folder occasionally.

Hope this helps ;)

All the best and good luck.
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