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    Please post your comments about RACE in this thread and rate is as well
  2. Dominic Finders

    Dominic Finders

    wel i vote for a 9 on this game

    when you first install this game you get to its greatest drawback Steam.. its really useless and unnecessary evil. then you get to the game and whoops you have to lower your graphics settings ( soon i'l have a better CPU) your ego gets hurt when you find out your PC aint what it used to be... where you could run GTR2 on 1600x1200 i have to go to 1024x something- and lower details to medium.. ( still stutters sometimes ( specialy near the pit entrance on Mangy cours ( for some strange reason))).
    afcourse most of the replays wont save even tho you have it on in the menu. and sometimes Steam crawls up on you with a bug..

    but then you get to an online server and immediatly all bad things are forgotten.. close fights.. bumper to bumper wheel to wheel.. so intense.. and an idiot thinks he passed you, moves into your front crashes into the wall and starts to cry that you punted him off..
    or you have loads of guys that wanna skip every practice session and then whine about new kids on the block for outbraking them selfs ( WTF do you expect if you dont give em a chance to practice you morons!!!!!(sorry))

    then afcourse there are the drivers who think they own the track and if you don't give up your position with out a fight and they outbrake themselfs they cry.. ( no names here either)

    but all in all the game is Great only let down on the Steam part i think... :wink:
  3. Mikael Hellen

    Mikael Hellen

    Agree with much of what shivan type.
    When simbin get rid of all the bugs(like invisible obstacles in the track?)
    Then it will be a 10 from me,so now its a 9 8)
    Race in a good server with fair drivers is a 10
  4. Maciek Zdyb

    Maciek Zdyb

    I would give 10 but because of that HUUUUUUUUGE requirements i can give only 8 even though game is outstanding
  5. Jacco Cornelissen

    Jacco Cornelissen

    :wink: its for me a 9. great graphics and it drives oke.
  6. Maik Peters

    Maik Peters

    For me a 9 to.

    Because there are some issues and bugs left... 8)
  7. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    I give it a 7. Cars drive well and feel realistic. Tracks look good.

    I just don't like Steam.
    There are still a lot of bugs around.
    It completely lacks final touches.
  8. Andre Berm

    Andre Berm

    give it a 4 ,the game have so many bugs, its not finisched.
    so for me back to GTR2 and mabey later afther a lot of patching back to RACE.
  9. Žiga Lipovec

    Žiga Lipovec

    i gave 9

    the most of all i like it still can be played with keyboard :p , graphics are a bit to hard for my comp, but he chews it somehow, i like the damage of a car: parts falling off, tire puncture, motor failure etc. but the greatest impression of this game for me is how it was made :shock: saw an reportage on Eurosport: microphones allover the car(every model), numerous cameras inside cars and outside. that was almost the main reason i bought original...

    i dont like steam, bugs, countdown untill race starts(should be made different) and

    PLAYERS WHO DONT DO EVEN A SINGLE DRIVE SINCE THEY BOUGHT A GAME AND GO STRAIGHT ONLINE (selfish b****rds)!!!...Every player should have respect to others and himself not to be ashamed when he comes online not knowing the basic rules of the game.
    for those who like to ram ppl on start line and in race(btw thats not the point of WTCC) there are other games: destruction derby, flat out and so on.

    sorry guys but that w***ers realy piss me off...i would hount down every single one of them and show them what is like to be hit...girls dont count...they can`t drive and i like them :D
  10. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    lol@you ziom :) like the last line :)