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Sector3 Studios have updated RaceRoom Racing Experience alongside release of the Dubai Autodrome circuit.

Having been on the tease for the last few weeks, the latest circuit addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience is here - the Dubai Autodrome.

Available now for via the RaceRoom Store, the new circuit comes in four different configurations (Grand Prix - 5.39 km | Club Circuit 2.46 km | National Circuit 3.56 km | International Circuit 4.29 km), and retails for around £4.44.

Although very much the headline of the new update, other highlights from the latest build of the title include improvements to the AI behaviour of the quality WTCR touring car content within the game, various very welcome online improvements and quite a few other small improvements, details of which can be seen below:

Update details:
Download size = 2.1 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 4249150
Dedicated server version = 55.0.1028
Dedicated server BuildID = 4249152

Dedicated Server:
  • Added ability to determine the starting position of the race. When a starting grid is defined on the server, qualifying session will be skipped entirely. The server will place players on the grid in the exact order defined by the server administrator and will not perform any sorting by performance index.
  • Added ability to import users from a given leaderboard and a given team name to pre-populate the starting grid.
  • Added a chat box in the dedicated server interface to allow the broadcasting of messages to all players from the server admin.
  • Added a Weight Manager tool to easily manage the administration of success ballast for a large amount of players throughout a league championship. The manager can be pointed at the result of a past race and all players can be assigned weight following any kind of regulation with the help of custom formula's.
  • Added a latency indicator next to each of the connected players. It shows an average value that is calculated over a full minute.
  • Adjustments to Slowdown penalties that have been too harsh since the previous update, especially in high speed corners.
  • Increased connection timeouts from 30 seconds to 60 seconds in the hope to reduce the amount of disconnects from multiplayer sessions.
  • Improved automatic choice of graphic settings (at first start) based on the detected hardware.
  • Improved visibility of the message stating a game restart is required after switching to another monitor in fullscreen mode.
  • Attempt at getting rid of weird laser weapon sounds when cars transition from track to their garage position ( example )
  • Fixed saving of two identical screenshots when pressing the screenshot key while on a menu
  • Dubai Autodrome is now available with 4 layouts ( Grand Prix ; International ; National ; Club )
  • Audi R8 LMS - Fixed cockpit camera that was slightly off center
  • Audi TT cup - Fixed underbody feelers that were 2,5cm too low and made the car scrape the tarmac when it in fact should not.
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Updated physics (suspension and differential, rev limiter logic, increased oil cooling slightly); Improvements to AI behavior
  • GTR1 car class - Updated physics (aerodynamics, turbo buildup, rev limiter logic, tuned dampers) ; Improvements to AI behavior
  • GTR2 car class - Updated physics (Traction Control logic, dampers tuned, improved gearshifts) ; Improvements to AI behavior
  • Honda Civic TC1 - Fixed an issue where this car couldn't easily alternate between forward and reverse gears.
  • NSU TTS - Improvements to AI behavior (no more rolling over big curbs)
  • Pagani Zonda R - Updated physics (Traction Control logic, ABS improvements, dampers tuned, improved gearshifts)
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport - Updated physics (tuned dampers, tyre model, Traction Control and ABS improvements; Improvements to AI behavior
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Updated physics (tyre model refinements to have much more response to tyre pressures, tuned dampers and rear camber, differential tweaks) ; Improvements to AI behavior
  • Porsche 934 RSR - Tweaked rearview mirror UV
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (964) - Updated physics (rev limiter behavior, differential, suspension and dampers, tyre model, ABS improvements); Improvements to AI behavior
  • WTCR - Improvements to AI behavior

RaceRoom Updated - Dubai Released.jpg
RaceRoom Updated.jpg

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a PC exclusive racing simulation, available now.

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Patrik Marek

so cool to see so many cars on track, tempted to buy for sure! but I hardly launch R3E these days, although same could be said about RF2 and I did buy Nordschlefe and Porsche Cup car, which I belive are more expensive then what I would pay for this

Rory Wetherington

Well I have now tested all four layouts and I know Sector 3 keep a eye on these forums and address any issues we may find, so I have found the AI are spinning out a lot on the GP and National versions; main problem areas are turn 5 (sweeping lefthander) and turn 7 (right hairpin)as some AI cars make a sudden turn/jerk to the left after they start making the turn in causing them to spin off to the left side, also on the National layout a lot of spins in the esses in the cut-thru transition section.
I raced the GTR1 cars on the GP layout and the GTR2 cars on the National layout, 100% AI and 15 minute races. Now granted some AI mishaps are needed to capture that "real human factor" but these are basically every lap often resulting in parking lots of stopped race cars.

The other two layouts seemed to race very well, Audi TT on the club circuit (great fun) and the Zonda's on the international circuit. Will test more and love the track overall as they have done a fantastic job with all the little touches with the off track scenery and backdrop and once these issues are resolved will be a great addition to the Raceroom track list. Still rate it as a must buy in my book.

***updated with correct corner #'s , turn 5 instead of t4 and turn 7 instead of t6 off this map posted by CDwyer below http://cdn1.snaplap.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/03121602/dubai-layout.jpg
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An interesting track for sure, and with the usual high quality and attention to detail.

DX11 update guys please. I'm waiting this for reinstall
I find it fascinating that someone would not install and play a game just because it uses a different DirectX version than they would like. I mean it's not like you'd be able to tell the difference between the two anyway.
I have found the AI are spinning out a lot on the GP and National versions; main problem areas are turn 4 (sweeping lefthander) and turn 6 (right hairpin)
I have only done the GP layout with X 90's, and they are often spinning out, and colliding, on what I would call turn 7 (based on this: http://cdn1.snaplap.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/03121602/dubai-layout.jpg)
Cant say I am complaining at the minute, as the lost front wing pitting is letting me through on the front straight, but I can see its frequency being irritating in the future, as I drive more laps.
I was using the rF2 "version" of this track few minutes ago Ok, it seems to be ripped from everywhere but it's extremely well done (well ripped?). And the track layout is awesome, RR staff chose an excellent track for addition.
What happens with DX11?

Sorry, could not resist :giggle:

Many people are wanting an engine upgrade for R3E...i have to say, i'm pretty satisfied, how polished the game is working and its current state makes it a beautiful "hopping in" experience.

But i can somewhat understand the demand for more "actual" state of the art technology utilization. Even if the game can look pretty well even with an older foundation! :)
An interesting track for sure, and with the usual high quality and attention to detail.

I find it fascinating that someone would not install and play a game just because it uses a different DirectX version than they would like. I mean it's not like you'd be able to tell the difference between the two anyway.
Only for one reason for me: DX11 lowers CPU usage.