RaceRoom Racing Experience | Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Now Available

Sector3 Studios have made available the 2019 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland within RaceRoom Racing Experience.

One of the top level Porsche categories in the world, the Carrera Cup Deutschland has long been regarded as one of the ultimate tests of driver skill and speed within the single make Porsche family of championships, and now sim racers can enjoy the challenge within RaceRoom Racing Experience - as the 2019 Carrera Cup Deutschland livery pack has been made available to purchase within the game store.

Retailing for around £3.52, the pack contains all 31 liveries that raced during the 2019 German series, and can be purchased separately to the fantasy liveries already available for the car within the simulation.

The 2019 schedule for the real world Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland consisted of Hockenheimring, Autodrom Most, Red Bull Ring, Norisring, Circuit Zandvoort, Nürburgring and Sachsenring, all tracks currently available within the sim.

Original Source: RaceRoom Store

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available exclusively for PC.

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Mar 2, 2010
Pretty nice deal, if you ask me.

I still don't understand why they got rid of the "experience" mode that was available a few years ago. Remember "DTM experience" and "ADAC experience"? One click and you got every track, driver and the complete set of rules to run a season. This new pack would have been perfect for that.

David DeGreef

R3E Racing Club Host US
Dec 12, 2016
Before I get hammered for being confused...again. :rolleyes:
Do I understand this correctly the car we had is now changed to include TC and ABS, and the 'new' car is to the spec we had?


Jul 24, 2016
Nice addition but I'll be giving them a miss. I already have the car and don't really need a bunch of new liveries for it.
I was about to ask if it's really a livery pack, but you already clarified it for me. Chapeau!

Ruy Horta

Feb 17, 2014
EUR 0,99 for the cup, EUR 4,49 for cup and all liveries.
So at 0,99 you can pick the livery you like most to drive.


Oct 25, 2016
Before I get hammered for being confused...again. :rolleyes:
Do I understand this correctly the car we had is now changed to include TC and ABS, and the 'new' car is to the spec we had?
That's right, the car you had has been transformed into a pseudo-endurance version.

If you want to recover your original car, you have to pay again.

I've already complained about it on the official S3S forum.
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Nov 26, 2017
I was about to ask if it's really a livery pack, but you already clarified it for me. Chapeau!
It's not a livery pack. See below;

Porsche GT3 Cup Deutchland
This is the new one. Porsche Carrera Cup Deutchland (referred to as PCCD from here on) uses the same specification car as The Porsche Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup UK to name a few. Based heavily on the GT3 road/track car but with a more substantial FIA-spec rollcage as well as being put on a diet.
All the cars are the same, with any adjustments highly restricted. You've only got rear wing, tyre pressures and camber to fiddle with and there's no ABS or traction control. I know personally a few guys who have raced these and they're notoriously tricky to get your head around. The weight split of around 40/60 with a full tank of fuel is quite rearward compared to anything else racing, and that distribution moves further rearward as fuel burns off during races.
Being road-car based means the suspension isn't fully optimised to make the most of the tyres at all times. For that reason they run a lot of static camber and are VERY stiffly sprung to keep the variance in camber, toe, as well as squat/dive in check. When I say very stiff, let's compare it to the 2019 GT3-R. When comparing suspension stiffness we can use a calculated value called ride frequency which is a function of sprung weight and spring stiffness. In that respect, the GT3 Cup is 25% stiffer than the full-blown GT3 car at the front end, while fairly similar a the rear. It's also very close in terms of roll stiffness, or how much the chassis rolls while cornering. All these despite it making around 25% of the downforce of the GT3-class car.

Porsche GT3 Cup (Endurance)
This is what's already been in game for a while, although it has had some revisions of late thanks to the input of Lorient Racing who run their car in endurance races. I'll begin by laying out what makes it different to the Cup spec car. There's a different philosophy in setup, with the front ride frequency dropping by 10%, as well as a 2.5% softer rear. The front/rear balance is re-aligned by a heavier front anti-roll bar in conjunction with a softer rear bar. That gives it a higher roll rate (the amount the body rolls during cornering) which brings a more traditional and predictable feel.
We have ABS and traction control systems onboard, which take away a lot of the issues a driver has to learn to drive around, especially the ABS system.
With a switch to different tyres (closer to GT3 spec) we no longer have to run quite to much camber, so there are changes there, as well as tyre warmers so the car is more forgiving straight out the box. Beware of that when switching between the cars, and don't expect the same changes to camber will work on both cars, because they won't.