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May 2, 2010
After a rough Season 30, Forum Racing returns to simpler times and with more stable management. Are you up to the task of proving yourself to be the fastest Forum Racer?

What is Forum Racing?
Forum Racing is the simple act of "finishing" races started by the moderator. The moderator (@Jimlaad43) will make a post in the thread telling everyone the race has started. The winner is the first person to post "Finish" after it, or complete the sequence in a Feature race.

How do I join?
Simply state that you would like to become a racer in the thread, and choose a team to join. Read the instructions, work out which race is next and be ready.

What are the rules?
Sprint Race
The moderator posts a "Sprint Race started" post. Competitors must post "Finish" as soon as possible. Points will be given out in the order that the finish posts are written. Races are open until either everyone finishes, or 48 hours have elapsed since the last person posted.

Feature Race
The moderator posts a "Feature Race started" post. Competitors must post "Start" as soon as possible. They must then wait 1 Hour and 1 Minute before posting "Pit", and then a further 1 Hour and 1 Minute before posting "Finish". Points are awarded to the order people finish. There are no penalties for taking too long to post, but every minute early you post is a 30 minute time penalty. First person to post Start also gains bonus points for Pole Position.

What other rules are there?
Not that many. Penalties are only applied to timing infringements or misconduct in the thread.

After you post, you are not allowed to edit that post for 5 minutes. If you post early, you cannot re-post that same order, you must carry on from there and accept the penalty. This also applies to posting the wrong thing, where you must wait 5 minutes and post the correct thing. Your time will be counted from the correction from then onwards. After posting one of the components of a race, if the same one is posted soon after, it will be classed as a correction. This means that times will be counted from that post. Penalties can still be given out for double posting within 5 minutes.

In a change from previous seasons, Team Radio has been returned to the game. You may now Tag your team mate in the thread to try and coax them to post sooner. This has been banned for a while, but the ban has now been lifted. Team orders and time checks are allowed, but please keep these to a Private Conversation between you and your team mate.

Gentlemen's Rule
In order to keep the game fun and interesting for everyone, you shouldn't set up email alerts for new replies in this thread. Past events have shown that it isn't healthy for the game itself, and that's it's more enjoyable for all participants if they're not used.

1st: 20
2nd: 15
3rd: 12
4th: 10
5th: 8
6th: 6
7th: 4
8th: 2
9th onwards: 1
Pole Position (Pole sitter wins): 1
Pole Position (Pole sitter doesn't win): 2

Pole Position is only awarded in Feature races.

Start Times
Start times used to be split up into time blocks. I cannot guarantee I'll be able to spread the race starts out throughout the day effectively, so there is no set start times, they will be done at random and on the moderator's whim. Don't bother recording start times for simpleness sake.

Teams this season can hold up to 3 drivers, in a change to the usual. Feel free to create a band of three team mates. If you sign-up and there are teams without enough drivers, feel free to join that team, or create another team on your own. When signing up, please give a name you would like to be known as. If it is your real name, fine, but if you don't want to use it, please try to come up with a name that suits your username (Jimlaad43 becomes Jimmy Laad for example).

All drivers are also required to pick a driver number. This will represent them throughout all races, similar to the numbers F1 drivers pick.

If you don't finish lots of races in succession, two things will happen. Firstly, you will lose the right to be waited for in the results, so if everyone else has finished, I will get on with the results. If it carries on, your team mate is allowed to replace you with a new driver if one appears. If the booted out driver does finish, they must choose a new team to join. Drivers will be ignored after their 3rd unaccounted for cumulative DNF (accounted for DNFs are ones where I’m told of people being on holiday, in hospital etc BEFORE the race), and will be kicked after their 5th cumulative DNF.
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Nice apex, I'll take it!
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May 2, 2010
I have scoured the list of car images we have not used, and decided that these will become the teams we use for the championship. Feel free to join a team below. Remember, up to three drivers can be in a team, rather than just two. All drivers must also pick their own driver number as well.

Caterham - II
Caterham 2014.png

Caterham have not been seen since they bowed out of Season 17 as Constructors Champions. Old Wolf won the last race of last season, so is hoping for more of the same, while Jason Lutz finished third in last year's championship. With the top two not returning, can he steal the top spot? Andrea Dovizioso was quickly snaffled from Caterham, so what effect will that have?
#4: Andrea Dovizioso (ITA)
#7: Old Wolf (GRE)
#31: Jason Lutz (USA)

Sauber - II
Sauber 2010.png

Sauber last raced in Season 29, finishing second in the Constructors Championship. The first team to fill three cars, the 2010 chassis better be up to scratch, or Mishra, Utzer and Said will be disappointed. None of the three have taken the drivers title before, will they do it this time?
#11: Oorjit Mishra (IND)
#13: Ben Utzer (GER)
#55: Omer Said (TUR)

Lotus - II
Lotus 1972.png

Bringing a retro feel to the championship, Lotus dug up a chassis from the 70's for Aidan Keranen and Tapio Rinneaho to stay as team mates, having managed to break pretty much every West liveried McLaren out there. Josh Roach joins them to make his series debut. How good will the unknown quantity be?
#14: Tapio Rinneaho (FIN)
#19: Aidan Keranen (AUS)
#22: Josh Roach (GBR)

Red Bull - II
RedBull x2014.png

Red Bull have theoretically the best car on the grid, but can they get the results required? They are driven by three drivers making their racing return this season - Lintner, Buurlage and Sigoulakis. Lintner moved to fill the third spot from McLaren pre-season, will it turn out to be the right move?
#21: Mark Lintner (HUN)
#34: Lesley Buurlage (NED)
#87: Manolis Sigoulakis (GRE)

Renault - II
Renault 2010.png

Renault are defending constructors champions, and kept the services of Andrea Dovizioso for one race. Tim Engberink makes his return with this team, but seemed to disappear quickly. With effectively three free seats, how will Renault survive the season?
#6: Tim Engberink (NED)

Arrows - II
Arrows 2001.png

Arrows made a welcome return to the series, but once again seem unable to find anyone to drive their godawful car. The high mounted wing at the front seems to have put off, well, everyone. Someone get a chainsaw...

McLaren - II
McLaren 2008.png

McLaren secured the services of Mark Lintner at the start of the season, but a lack of other drivers caused him to break his contract and move away. McLaren must be sorely regretting signing that new sponsorship deal with Vodafone. I suppose they could go an drown their sorrows with some cigarettes. Oh wait...
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Aidan Keranen

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Dec 3, 2010
I'll think about which team to join now that you've basically thrown out me and @TTupsi running West McLarens :D

Also please don't use the 2KF1 car thanks. I didn't give permission for that.


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Oct 10, 2011
Im in

Car... Sauber? Team up with Omer again.
But the Lotus is so good looking...

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