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R3E Receives Hefty Update

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Nov 29, 2014
Sector3 Studios have released a large update for Raceroom Racing Experience.

Players will have to download the 3.1GB update for the racing sim in order to continue playing, because of the always-online nature of the free-to-play model. Judging from the size of the patch, the new update will feature numerous pieces of content in addition to game improvements such as refueling in pitstops, longer race sessions and push-to-pass.

Included, but not yet available, might be the Nordschleife and/or Buriram circuits, and perhaps the Audi TT Cup or Formula RaceRoom classes. Push-to-pass has a temporary HUD element which will be replaced soon, but nonetheless it should be working. The Artificial Inteligence should also fare better with more refined race-craft and behavior even in crash situations.

Do check out our exclusive interview with Sector3 Studios for more information about upcoming content for R3E!

The full changelog can be found below:


  • Added new content that will be released very soon.
  • Implemented Refuelling in pitstops. This is still work in progress and there will be additional fuel options in car setup later. For now all cars will start with full tank.
  • Increased session length up to 6 hours.(R3E only. Does not apply to other experiences.) Please note the replay file size will be rather big on longer session races. You can disable replay recording by adding “-disableReplay” to Launch Options for the game on Steam.
  • Added Push-to-Pass logic with a temporary HUD element for it. (HUD will be changed in the near future). Push-to-Pass info is available for spectator overlays and in shared memory.
  • Removed the hidden fuel and wear multipliers that were automatically applied depending on race length in R3E.
  • Added mandatory pitstop, tyre wear and fuel use options to R3E single player races.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when car status hud was getting disabled.
  • Fixed Mandatory pitstop not counting for player on certain experiences.
  • Fixed issue with window values getting wrong if window was minimized, which caused HUD objects to appear incorrect.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
  • Fixed background video being stretched to right monitor on triple screen setups.
  • DTM 2013 - Fixed an issue with 4th round of qualifying ending after the outlap and ending the session with no qualifying time.
  • DTM 2014 - Fixed mandatory pitstop not counting for the player.
  • Fixed an AI related crash that could have occurred while updating certain events.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would show two “End Session” buttons after returning to Garage from Pause menu after session time has run out.
  • Fixed car setup screen blinking red when using non English languages.
  • Tweaked AI to improve AI starts on grid.
  • Fixed an endless loading issue that could occur on slow connections that would timeout mid loading.
  • Increased default connection timeout to 30 seconds.
  • Removed a double call to set a connection related option (TCP_NODELAY) for server-client TCP socket.
Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:
  • A.I. logic improvements. More racy, less hesitant to overtaking, handles crashes better; AI’s now try and avoid cars even when collisions are disabled.
  • Improved AI behaviour coming into sharp corners and pitstop area, and various other small fixes.
  • Improved AI logic for the chosen gear when player regains control from AI.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd hairpin of Norisring.
  • Tweaked AI speed on 2nd turn of Oschersleben.
  • Tweaked Bathurst AI behaviour.
  • Tweaked Monza AI behaviour and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Nurburgring: Fixed "empty pitboxes" problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops
  • Redbull Ring: Fixed "empty pitboxes" problem where AI couldnt perform pitstops.
  • Lausitzring: Fixed "empty" pitboxes and merged cut corridors for all difficulty levels.
  • Hockenheim: Fixed “empty” pitboxes and tweaked AI behavior in turn 1.
  • Updated single screen chasecam positions for all cars
  • Added missing action cameras for RUF RT12R (GTR3)
  • Increased FFB strength for Prototype and Radical cars

  • Mid Ohio - Fixed some flickering banners.
  • Nurburgring - Fixed mixed advertisement banners.
  • Paul Ricard - Tweaked distant terrain texture.
  • Zolder - Reduced bumpiness of the track, fixed some flickers in turn 10.
  • Monza - Updated curbstones to current design, lowered some rounded curbs, and various tweaks.
  • Hockenheim - Curbs tweaked and adjusted to match drivers feedback. Gravel texture update. Oil bottle on top of pitbuilding now has new sponsor.
  • Bathurst - Small tweaks
  • Suzuka - Removed an abandoned truck in pitlane.
  • Fixed Aquila car shadows.
  • Fixed flickering labels in Nissan GT-R GT3 cockpit.

Portal & Backend Systems:
  • Fixed certain content returning error 20103 when trying to use them.
  • Fixed leaderboard challenge launch function checking whether the player owns the livery instead of the car.
  • Fixed newsletter subscription option not saving in Account Settings.
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Sep 4, 2015
Well it looks like all the things I have disliked about the ai have been tweaked! Just going to bed now so will try it tomorrow instead of the gym before work! Better be good as rf2 is my game of choice offline! It certainly looks promising!


Dec 15, 2011
Very good update! I'm really excited about the massive ai improvements and the prototype and radical FFB improvements!!!! I've only had time to try out the gt3/Suzuka combo for only 10 minutes for Sundays race.

We Should most likely get the Nurburgring track as we've been hinted in the change log. The Audi tt is what everyone is waiting for, but I'm very anxious and curious to experience the feel and handle of R3E's first open wheeler.


Sep 29, 2014
those are the kind of AI upgrades I wanted to see on Assetto Corsa.

Kenny Paton

Sep 26, 2009
Nice update, although I was hoping for some more MP flexibility. Hopefully they can move the fuel and tyre wear easily across from SP
Really hoping for the open wheelers but any new content's welcome.


Jun 6, 2009
> Players will have to download the 3.1GB update

Oy, R3E is going to cause me to stop playing as I can't keep taking that kind of hit to my data cap every 2 or 3 months!
Nov 29, 2014
I fired R3E up the other day and finally managed to adjust the FFB to my liking. The Ruf GT2 still feels kinda floaty, but I had a blast.
Looking forward to these new toys...
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Dec 5, 2013
I fired R3E up the other day and finally managed to adjust the FFB to my liking. The Ruf GT2 still feels kinda floaty, but I had a blast.
Looking forward to these new toys...
yeah i agree. in r3e i like only the wtcc 2014 and the group 5 until this moment.


Sep 27, 2009
Yay, reduced Zolder bumpiness. That's a patch change I definitely appreciate :)

Looking forward to testing the AI improvements as well. R3E already had excellent AI of course. And waiting for the ADAC 2015 or GTR3 packs to become available. Oh, and I'll probably grab the Audi TT pack too... :D

James Cook

Marcas fan
Oct 18, 2013
The new Audi TT Cup pack is excellent and reasonably priced at 499vRP.

Enjoying the AI improvements as well. Just an all-round better experience to race against now. I hope they keep making improvements to AI to make it feel more organic. I want to see more mistakes, collisions, mechanical failures and retirements to give offline racing a more realistic, 'alive' feel. That would elevate R3E to best single player sim status, if it isn't there already.