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Featured Sector 3 Studios Exclusive Interview - Part 2

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    RD S3S interview.png
    In part 2 of our exclusive interview with Sector 3 Studios, we chat about a variety of topics and get our first glimpse of some exciting new historic content making its way over to the sim in the near future...

    Sector3 Studios are a Swedish video game developer founded in 2014 that develops racing
    simulators for Windows PC. Famous for racing classics such as GTR, GTR2, GT Legends and the Race series, the guys over at Sector3 are currently developing the beta build of RaceRoom Racing Experience, a simulation game currently featuring over 65 cars and 20 real world circuits.

    RD : People enjoy their sim racing in many different ways. Some of the more popular formats are triple screen setups and VR. How is development going towards supporting these in R3E?

    SO: We dropped the ball on triple screen support. It’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the bottom in terms of priority but we want to investigate it and see what we can do at some point. VR is something we want to support better as the VR headsets become more available for End users.

    JFC: I’m a huge VR enthusiast, first thing I did when we received our Oculus kits was to add support for RaceRoom EVO (this version of the game I mentioned that we bring to events and shows), and I was quite gutted when they dropped directx9. But OpenVR and Vive do support Dx9 so as soon as those kits land here in the studio, count on me to jump on it. The tough part is going to be the UI. For RaceRoom EVO we didn’t have a problem with it sincethe UI is all web, but in the Steam version, we have quite a complex UI environment. Some menus are web, some are in flash. It’s going to be a headache, but for sure worth it in the end.

    RD : We’ve heard talk of more LM cars coming in recent interviews - can you elaborate on that? Plans on a WEC experience or similar?

    JFC: We have shown previews of the Audi R18. That one isn’t a secret. It is a touch embarrassing that we haven’t released it already. Sometimes models get signed but due to opportunities and contracts landing, priorities change and it means delays. This Audi R18 was licensed back when it was still racing in real life. Maybe we should wait, release it in a couple of years and call it a historic LMP? *laughs*

    RD : Maybe Le Mans to compliment the LM cars??

    JFC: That’s an expensive license, I heard... I know it was considered. Maybe it will be back on the table if a door opens.

    RD : Bringing the conversation back around to content once again, the WTCC Experience packs seem to be very popular online and in race clubs. With 2015 due for release soon, can you share with us any details about how long the WTCC contract runs for and if you have any plans or considerations to incorporate the new TCR series in R3E?

    JFC: Mmmh to that I guess I can say we’ll be working with Eurosport and the WTCC for the foreseeable future. We only but scratched the surface of what we can do together. And there’s tons to be done! I am excited to see Polestar/Volvo joining! They have a great looking car!
    While we’re on the WTCC topic, I’ve been quite busy with harassing several WTCC drivers on the phone to test drive our WTCC cars. So far we have 2 potential candidates, but we need to wait until mid-December for them to have some free time and see this taking shape.


    RD : Are plans afoot to bring any new series into the sim, and can you share any hints or sneak previews with us?

    JFC: There are some pretty exciting things happening. It might be too early to name the partners, I think, since we’re currently discussing details . But expect us to contribute to blurring the line between real and virtual motorsports. We’ll bring a certain cup car in the game and throw a tournament. Winners will get to drive the real car for 2 days. It’s a pretty sweet thing to look forward to!

    RD : Back to the here and now, you guys have shared some tasty footage of the Formula RaceRoom car in recent weeks. With this being a largely fantasy machine, what sort of data and reference points have the team used when creating physics for the car(s)?

    JFC: The only one we showed so far was the Formula RaceRoom 2. That one has a 4 liter V8 engine doing 612bhp @10.000 rpm. It weighs 688kg (including driver). There will be a full range of formula cars, though, it won’t be on its own for long.


    RD : Obviously you guys are based over in Sweden, same place as the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, doesn’t it make sense to have that series in game? Think of the success of the old Race07 expansion STCC and STCC 2?

    CS: This is something we have explored along with many other different series out there. The STCC Management visited the office earlier on in the season to discuss the license and the opportunities that are there but timing is extremely important in terms of development, we were a touch late with 2015 but for 2016 who knows.

    RD : Moving away from new content for a while (sorry), at what point in development will you be satisfied that R3E is out of beta stage?

    SO: Once all the features we have planned are done and the patches only contain minor fixes and new content is ideally when we consider ourselves out of beta. We are getting there but there is still a bit to go.

    JFC: I personally think we’re so far into it now, years after initial release, we can’t really keep calling it a beta. It feels weird after all this time. *laughs* It’s more an on-going development title.

    RD : On the same sort of topic, what would be your expected timeframe until development ends and the game leaves Beta?

    SO: This is surprisingly hard which is partially the reason we shy away from sharing a roadmap. It’s due to the fact that the game keeps evolving. There are new things that come into priority as a request from the publisher or due to a newly signed deal. But in general I think we all want to be able to leave beta sooner rather than later!

    RD : Can you share with us any news on new content being worked on for the sim?

    JFC: There’s tons… Right now we’re in bug fixing phase for the upcoming patch. It will bring 3 cup cars and one new track. The guys are already working on the next things, which at the moment is two additional GTO cars to race alongside the Audi 90. I don’t think those are any secret cars though as I’m pretty sure we teased those at some point, it’s the Ford Mustang IMSA GTO and the Nissan 300ZX Z32. We have the Bentley model being worked on and the full range of open wheelers I mentioned. We have the slower versions of those receiving physics at the
    moment, and we have WTCC 2015 cars of course, which we just spoke about, they are already quite different from the 2014 cars in the game, and we have something ready for drivers test sessions to commence. From the track side, I guess you know what we’re working on, right? Maybe I can share some of the latest screenshots that Alex took while working on it.




    RD : Classic content is always popular with the community and many have been / are yearning for a sequel to the fantastic GT Legends game. Do you plan to make a sequel to GTL or at least include more historic R3E content in future releases ?

    JFC: I can tell you you’ll be able to enjoy an NSU TTS in RaceRoom. That’s a car I’m really thrilled about! The GT Legends TC spirit really went into this one. Guaranteed smile on your face whether it’s against A.I. or in multiplayer!

    new car1.png

    RD : Well guys, really big thanks for the time you have so kindly given up today to talk to us at RaceDepartment.com. One last note to sign off this little Q&A. Can you tell me something about RaceRoom Racing Experience (either development or content) that no one else knows about yet? A RaceDepartment exclusive you could say…??

    CS : Exclusives? Hmmm….Not at the minute, we continue to work with our existing partners, open doors to new ones and push on with further developments for the title. I am sure once we have something to share you will know all about it :)

    Big thanks go out to J-F, Sonat and Chris from Sector 3 for patiently taking the time to answer our questions in the Q&A today. RaceRoom continues to grow and improve release on release so stay tuned to the official Sector3 Forums and here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and details relating to RaceRoom Racing Experience.
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  2. Those IMSA cars have peaked my interest
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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    The mention of 3 cup cars got me going... we know the TT and the NSU TTS, but what's the third??? #interestingindeed

    This sim is only going to get better and better I am absolutely certain.
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  4. Tournament with one of the new Cup cars and winner is able to drive it in real life!? You have my interest!
    Anyways I like it to hear that a new tournament is coming, Virtual DTM was good fun tho.

    This Sim is getting more and more awesome!
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  5. Them screenshots.... :inlove::inlove::inlove:
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  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Yeah Kjell, doesn't it look just plain awesome!

    I really, really, really want to do an event with all the cars allowed in a massive field round Nords, tourist style...

    Just imagine plodding along in you little 92 DTM Merc and having a Group 5 Capri blast past.....

    Oh (green) hell yeah!
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  7. MoerasGrizzly


    I suspect it's one of those Seat Leon Eurocup cars, if only because that;s the first car that comes to my head that Sector3 knows how to get the license for.

    (A small part of me is hoping for the Super Trofeo though :p )
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Yeah I suspected as much too. Wouldn't mind those at all to be honest, I'm a fan of single make series both irl and in sim racing.

    I would also really like to see Caterham's or Ginetta's too... that could be fun...
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  9. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies

    With the current resurgence in the race club this is fantastic news,"Tons" of new content, I like that,I've got plenty of HDD space :D,Talking of the Race Club ;),I'd like to say "what a top bunch of blokes in the club at the moment", it's a real pleasure racing with them all :thumbsup:.If anyones thinking of joining us,"you're thinking too much" just sign up :),we're a friendly bunch you'll be more than welcome.

    @Paul Jeffrey as you can guess by my avatar i've finally got my cockpit(5 week pre-order :cry:),very very happy with it :D:D:D,Thanks for the advice :thumbsup:.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
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  10. This right here, all sorts of caterhams, R3E really needs some of those "track day cars" (thats what I call them anyways) like the Super7 S500, Ariel Atom, Xbow etc
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  11. I am a bit dissapointed about the VR part. I hoped they will upgrade the engine to be compatible with Oculus, but it seems it is not gonna happen any soon, and somehow i prefer the Rift's camera tracking system over the Vive-s "roomscalehyperlasescanning" system...
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  12. 3D vs Trippelscreen support:
    - I am pretty shure that the 3D not will be sucsess this time either.
    - But i know what is every simracers weatest dream: TRIPPEL SCREEN support (please)!
  13. Oculus is supoorted already (?) and are in the molde, as JF said.
  14. Yes please to Ginetta's. (And BTCC!)
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  15. Unfortunately not any longer... it was supported until Rift drops the DX9-Support... There are some possibility's to get it working, but that is no official support...
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  16. My wettest dream is VR, triple screen comes second here. And no, it won't flop, it's already a success and it's not even out in a consumer version yet.
    I had a Rift DK2, and I honestly think there's no triple screen solution that will come close to the immersion you get with a VR headset.
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  17. I can only hope that they force the development of the WTCC '15 cars - for me most important because they provide amazing races and new tracks like the Nordschleife and Thailand round off the whole package.
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  18. They will be working on support for the HTC Vive (Valves VR headset), so all hope is not lost :)
  19. Thank you for this interview.
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  20. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    So, any of this new content going to be free, or is Raceroom AG still being greedy about it's BETA product.
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