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Quick question about Clutches and H-Shifters?

So I have been enjoying my beginner setup (T150 with 2 pedals) but now I think I want to upgrade to 3 pedals and a shifter.

But what i want to know is how these work with games like AC, AMS2 and PC2/3, i.e. games with different cars with different gear setups like H-pattern, squential and paddles?

Do the games know when you need the clutch/stick for a DBR1 or paddles for the 911 RSR GTE car?

Also, if you could only get one would it be the shifter or the pedals?
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Most games will be fine with both paddle shifters and h-pattern. I think in AMS2 if you have all the buttons assigned, then the h-pattern only works on h-pattern cars and paddles only work on sequential cars, AFAIK. And you only need to use the clutch on cars that need a clutch in real life. Not sure about other games though.

As to whether you should buy the shifter or the third pedal. To be honest, I think you'll want both as neither of them are particularly useful on their own. Sure they'd work, but having a h-patten shifter without a clutch sort of misses the point a bit. Having a clutch and h-pattern for older cars is great fun.
The clutch is not very well simulated in any game so you will have to use your imagination to pretend the process of using the clutch and engaging gears with a h shifter is something realistic. Don't expect the feeling of a real car transmision no matter how good your hardware is. For that, apart from the simulation, you would need a physical connection between the clutch and the shfter.
So, full immersion aside, is there any downside to using an H Shifter without clutch (ingame auto clutch)?

For the moment I just want the feeling of using a stick shifter...rather than the full simulation of it


Well that would be really wierd when you are used to driving stick and move the shiftlever without using the clutch.
It also would program really bad muscle memory.

My take would be to get a three pedal set first, if anyhow possible with loadcell brake.
Prices have come down enormously in the last years.
Some cars ( Skippy for instance) really profit from clutch starts, in the race you can use the padels, just "blip" the downshifts.
That would be a "usefull muscle meory" for a lot of cars.

Next step would be then a shifter, hopefully it can be switched from H Pattern to sequential.
Lot´s of models on the market.
I myself use a Thrustmaster for H Pattern ( no recomendation any more, to expensive for feel and switchability even with mods. Stock you can hardly feel any resistance when shifting)

A Heusinkveld sequential feels better for sequential shifting, still not optimal.

I´d like ProSim H Pattern and sequential for realistic feel, but that´s probably not in the cards for me.
Let´s see what i can tinker there because I´d like a clutch lockout also so that shifting without clutch is no longer possible.
AC is quite lenient there, you really have to F..K up to get gearbox damage.

And yes, I´m completely spoiled because my road car has an IRP Quickshifter which I love and whose short and notchy shifts I´d like to have on my Sim.

MFG Carsten
I have been using an Heusinkveld 3 pedals set with a Thrusmaster TH8A H-shifter in RaceRoom for classic cars and an Heusinkveld sequential shifter for modern cars for 3 years. I can say that the H-shiter is very useful for several reasons.

First, I feel the shifts are quicker when done with the H-shifter in classic cars compared with the sequential shifter. The downshifts can be more efficient in some cases, as you can rev higher with heel and toe (I noticed it was very useful in the Chevrolet Monza @ Monza GP RaceRoom competition as I was able to downshift easily to 2nd gear before both Lesmos with a higher throttle blip). Another important benefit of H-shifting is the ability to skip gears during downshits, espescially with fast cars which have good brakes like the Group C prototypes.

So do not hesitate to update your setup with both H-shifter and clutch, I'm sure you won't regret your investment. ;)