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    eg: 1

    Slow Bump: 5
    Slow Rebound: 5
    Fast Bump: 5
    Fast Rebound: 5

    eg: 2

    Slow Bump: 3
    Slow Rebound: 5
    Fast Bump: 3
    Fast Rebound: 5

    eg: 3

    Slow Bump: 2
    Slow Rebound: 4
    Fast Bump: 6
    Fast Rebound: 6

  2. robt100


    Personally, I'd say no. Left to right settings 99% yes, but slow with slow or front to back etc, thats all down to how you want the car to behave. For example, the car might be sharp on turn in the washing out instantly so needs stiffer front slow bump, but at the same time the fronts lock easy, needing softer fast bump etc. And the same for rebound values.

    If at a new track or looking at making a base setup then pairing can be a good start, or using a setup from a similar layout/type track as a basline then tuning from there (ie: In AC my Mugello and Spa setups have the same base, but with different damper settings due to the amount of chicanes at mugello)

    hope that helps?

    Aslo have a good read of the guide on here will help you know (roughly) what to do to fix 'problems' in the setup
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  3. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    Lefts same as rights except for ovals.
    Usually fasts the same all around but bump and rebounds different but not for oval.
    Slows depend on car/track.
  4. BillGuy


    What are your thoughts on damper settings for F-Reiza, Extreme, and Ultimate that have fully adjustable third spring configurations? I’ve adopted an educated guess philosophy that seems OK but I’m wondering if I have room for improvement.

    I set the front third damper with the same settings as I do for the corners but minus 2-4 clicks on all four values. My thought being that it’s much less likely that I’ll hit anything “that matters” with both wheels as I will with just one corner. The same goes for the rear third damper with respect to its corners. I tried playing with increases in slow bump on the front and slow rebound on the rear for controlling pitch under braking but I honestly never really felt any difference or saw changes in my lap times. Maybe that’s an indication that my overall damper settings aren’t good to begin with.