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PC2 Project Cars 2 doesn't hold ASW forced ON (Oculus Rift)

Hi all,
I have read some hints on this but didn't find any solution, so sorry if I'm repeating the topic. I'm facing a problem when trying to use forced ASW on, in pcars 2. I bought the game on Steam but use Oculus VR mode. Using Oculus debug tool performance hud, using forced ASW, I start the game and imediately I can see that it isn't working, the fps go way above and set at 90. Then I use Ctrl+3 and it sets at 45, but when I start any race and do a few turns, it just loses grip and it seems it's trying to go back to 90, but with a lot of stuttering and other bad visual stuff. If I press Ctrl+3 again, it doesn't do anything.

I have also tried OTT but that didn't seem to do anything also.

I have a Ryzen 2700X, GTX 1080 with 16gb ram.

Any help appreciated.
on mine i force 45 asw disabled, asw on PC2 stutters badly, i use steam oculus Vr mode all maxed out on settings, asw off force 45 and works great, 1080 ti i5 7600 62gb ram
Hi all,

I hope I can help anyone who's facing the same problem. To fix this, just use Steam VR mode instead of Oculus mode. Crank everything up (specially SS to 1.5 as this gives the best visual boost) and just have fun at VR HIGH RES.

This imo, a (much) better overall experiencie than lowering the visuals to run 90fps. I really cannot tell the difference between 90fps vs 45fps ASW, except for some ocasional ghosting, but you really have to hunt for it.

My system:
Ryzen 2700X
MSI Gaming X 1080
16gb ram