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Problems with my csl elite wheel for ps4

I have been having problems with my csl elite wheel for ps4 (I use it only on pc though). Basically what happens is when I have the wheel at centre then turn it I can turn further left before I reach soft lock than right. So if I turn the wheel left it will turn for one full rotation before soft lock, if I turn it right, it will only go 3/4 of a turn before soft lock. It happens no matter what angle I set it too. it's as if there is more saturation when turning it right. calibrating didn't work. I've tried using older drivers and the newest ones. I've tried cleaning it, even opening the front panel off. I sent it back to fanatec. They replaced the sensor, but it still didn't work. I sent it back and they replaced the whole base and still the same. Has anybody else had this problem? and if so how did you fix it? Thanks for reading this.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Please put a proper title on your threads in future and avoid the all caps, it won't really won't increase the likelihood of someone helping you. Title updated.