Poll Time! Can Hamilton Recover a Poor Qualifying to Fight for the Win?

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor
German Grand Prix - Hamilton Qualifying Retirement.jpg

Lewis Hamilton had a bit of a stinker in qualifying for the German Grand Prix, but with the fastest car in the field, can he still fight for the win tomorrow?

We noted at Silverstone the ease in which Hamilton and Mercedes carved their way through the field to an eventual second place finish, and with a poor qualifying leaving the driver starting from 14th for German Grand Prix tomorrow, it looks like he may need to do it all over again at Hockenheim.

The question is, do you think Hamilton can still fight for the win from 14th on the grid?

Let us know your thoughts below !
SPOILER ALERT ANYBODY? I thought this stuff was hidden within the GP thread. It's already so difficult to avoid any race info leaks on a GP weekend. I guess RD has to wait until Mondays now.
His reactions were so overly dramatic it was almost funny. He still has the best car of the grid and he will surely reach the podium, or close. But he reacted like if he knew he lost the championship right there, which of course is not the case at all.

It's a shame because I want Ferrari and Seb to win this championship fighting closely until the very end and not just taking advantage of Mercedes' problems. Hopefully both teams will improve in the second half of the season. Red Bull seems like a lost cause with the Renault engine.
I don’t think the Mercedes is the fastest car in the field atm. Somewhere between 4th and 6th would be possible though and if some of the other top cars retire, maybe even a podium.
LH totally off form at the moment - the breakdown looked like it was due to driver error. Ferrari are starting to look like new champions already.
At best 5th for LH, but probably lower.
Silverstone, from Last to 2nd, starting from the back of the grid isnt a problem for the 3 big teams.
All the other not god-tier teams just doesnt even want to fight against them so they let them pass.
If he doesnt finish 3rd it would be strange.
I think he and Ricciardo could "easily" climb the field, definitely up to the first 5.
With some lucky circumstances (SC) even a podium or a victory is possible.
Well Hamilton did go off track numerous times and was probably the cause of the car failure, as mentioned by Toro Wolff, so yes, I would say that was poor qualifying.
Hamilton said himself that going off track caused no damage, the reason he went off is because the hydraulics in the steering failed and he couldnt help it. The bumps didnt damage the car.
I’m shocked, he suffers some bad luck and cries by his car?? Surely not Lewis Hamilton, “nooo he would have fronted a camera for his wages and said it’s F1 , not quite as unlucky as poor Riccardo”

Nope double checked it is Lewis, he’s not crying his gold chain was soooo heavy it pulled him to floor.

Sorry the blokes a whinger.

But to answer question, yes podium. Sadly


Why was his behaviour ridiculous? Trying to get the car back to the pits, or being upset that his weekend's hard work and preparations were all for nothing?

I saw no drama, and neither, I suspect, did you :rolleyes:
Why was his behaviour ridiculous? Trying to get the car back to the pits, or being upset that his weekend's hard work and preparations were all for nothing?

I saw no drama, and neither, I suspect, did you :rolleyes:

Breaking the rules by trying to push the car back to the pits and bringing himself and other people in danger by doing that? Breaking down next to his car? Driving around half of the track until stopping the car altough he was told to stop it immediately? He arguably has the best car and will easily drive in the top 5, no need to be that overdramatic...the championship is also far from being over

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