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Pit Stop Tyre problem

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Igor Trendafilovski, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Igor Trendafilovski

    Igor Trendafilovski

    Hi guys,

    Just had a problem earlier today. I was racing Formula C in Zolder when around the middle of the race rain started falling. I followed the guy in front of me into the pits and choose wet tyres because of the rain intensity and also because the track was already very wet. I choose the tyre and set the tyre pressures and when i came out, after few corners the car was undriveable and the tyres were overheated.

    I restarted the race and choose the intermediate tyres on the same pitstop and i had the same problem - tyres overheated immediately and the car was just sliding.

    On both pitstops, i set the default tyre pressure (1.10 front, 1.06 rear tyres).

    Just wondering, is this a known issue or i am making a mistake with the pressure of the tyres?

  2. sniper420


    Welcome to Project Bugs
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  3. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I may not be fast, but I'm wide!

  4. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    I was having this problem, but no longer. Not sure if it was a the tiny patch that came down Friday or if playing around with the pit menu on pit in corrected it. I changed the tyre pressures and compound and I was able to continue. I was actually pleased because I didn't even know I had a soft compound option! But the problem has not occurred beyond that race.

    Mine was in the Ginetta Juniors at Oulton Park.
  5. Michael Carver

    Michael Carver

    This is a "workaround" if one uses tire pressures that are close to the defaults. Have multiple setups and then manually selecting one when entering the pits or editing one's setup. This helps, but may not give one the same pressures (watch tire temps in HUD) as the original setup. At least it will stop the immediate overheating.

  6. Dyrgl


    Everything related to pitstops is broken.

    - You can´t preset refueling a smaller amount than the one you start with. Forces you to push buttons in the short run to your pitbox. Impossible online.
    - You can´t set the same pressures as your original tyres in some classes. If you are using a GT3 with 2´15 pressure on all 4 tyres, the new ones only can go up to 2.
    - You get to choose tyres that don´t exist in the strategy screen. Like soft tyres for Formula Gulf. There´s no such a thing.
    - Cars hit the wall in a lot of pit entry exit lanes.

    The most blatant design problem is not allowing us to modify the work needed on next stop while we drive, and instead expecting us to push 20 buttons in the short way from the pitlane entry to the pitbox.
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