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This happened to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ML2166, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?


    Started a new career mode after the update. Second race at Donington, before and after imposed pit stop. Was doing well before the pit stop, but after the pit stop the car becomes undriveable with all four tyre icons showing red as soon as you exit the pits. I had to look at the replay just to see what the feck was going on.

    I mean I'm not one for bashing games.....but this is pretty basic stuff isn't it?

    Before pit stop

    After pit stop


    Surely stuff like this needs to be sorted first before you line your pockets even further with DLC?
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  2. Did you report this bug/incident to the official pCars forum? If not, please do it under "Pc (or XB1 or PS4) - Technical Help & Support" and attach the replay and if logs still exist, all the log files too. Don't expect to have it sorted out in record time, but devs will try their best to resolve the issue.
  3. It happened to me too.Gt3 class after the pit stop I got 4 flat tires.Restarted the race same thing happened,quit the game tried it again same glitch .That was after the 1.4 patch.
  4. Honestly, this game is unplayable right now. It drives pretty well but all you can do reliably is to drive alone in free practice mode. The game ALWAYS finds a way to screw races one way or another: Look at this crap that happened to me yesterday!

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  5. My first issue with PC, tried several cars, Spa track, about 7-8 different cars, then watched 1 replay and came back to track, game freezing very soon after the new start, returned after short brake, began to do short freezes when continued driving, what's going on???

    It seems that this sim needs very Powerfull machine or there's some bug with memory usage??? Is this some new issue or what, not happened before, it was my first time I watched replay with this sim, some issues with replays and memory? Tested new DLC packs...not sure if this issue caused by DLCs but not happened before???

    And must say that McLaren F1 GTR is the most difficult car ever, it feels same as many of AC's too slippery cars but of course it's better, very difficult to brake, very difficult to drive fast...not so fun as Lotus 49. Would like to test Macca with slicks tyres :)
  6. If this happening again I will reinstall the game and I will use original Limited Edition DVD to see if the same happening again, if not so the problem is in the new DLC...my Limited Edition DVD should coming soon...I ordered it before I checked available DLCs :)
  7. The reason for memory issue could be MSI AfterBurner and RivaTuner Statistic Server I use for video recording, it's always on...