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Misc Physics rework for "Jaguar MK2" 2020-01-13

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alekabul submitted a new resource:

Physics rework for "Jaguar MK2" - "Grace . . . Space . . . Pace "

There is a nice Jaguar Mark 2 on the web with a rear suspension so poor that it collapses after couple of fast corners or makes your driving so alien that it`s laughable. The car in question got under my skin and I did the data research, edit, made collider for it and am willing to share the results with you.
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Install: this replaces the data and collider for the Jaguar Mark 2...

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Thanks a lot for this :)
Your pic (https://www.racedepartment.com/down...jaguar-mk2.30450/#lg=attachment343499&slide=0 ) suggests this Jaguar is part of the Touring Car Legends pack that was recently released, but your Google search link suggests it's another Jag.
Does it matter? Can I install your mod in the Jag in the TCL pack?
I doubt it`s the same model so chances are the physics won`t fit there. I worked on the non-TCL. Try and if it`s a success leave a message here.
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I just realized that the outside mirrors are flipped (right mirror placed on the left and vice versa) do you have suggestion on how to fix this? I have successfully replaced the glass texture btw.
mirrors are flipped
All of them are flipped horizontally and some of us who drive IRL are in trouble when looking for that car pushing from behind. The only solution I know by now is export mirror glass in FBX from 3DSimED then Blender>UV Editing using the guidelines and "MIRROR_PLACEMENT.jpg" in Kunos SDK and the disassembling/reassembling is not very pleasant. Also I would be breaking the RD terms if uploading the edited .kn5 of the Jaaag.
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Thanks for your explanation.
I mean the outside mirrors, but I suppose it will be the same case as what you have explained for inside mirror.

the same case
UV remapping had to be done for all 3 mirrors. The "MIRROR_PLACEMENT.jpg" is this

My screen above shows the corrected mirrors. Look back at some signs and the lettering in the wrong mirrors is not reversed as it should be.